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Car wash lighting

2 replies created over 3 years ago
posted by HITECNICO over 3 years ago

Hitecnico water-proof 150W LED High Bay Light with smooth surface good for easy cleaning, and shatter-proof plastic cover withstand water jet wash pressure, as well as high Color Rendering Index (CRI 90 is the top level) to reflect the color of cars very close to true color. We think these can be good features for car wash lighting. Here we would like to collect comments and/or suggestions to make it even better for car wash lighting, all replies will be highly appreciated!

By the way, more photos and details of our product are available on our webpage:



reply by Earl Weiss over 3 years ago

Withoout price comparison a crucial element is missing. This style will collect dirt on the top. Your surface mount canopy light is similar to the surface mount I use in the tunnel and if it would work in that environment it's a more suitable style IMO.


reply by HITECNICO over 3 years ago

Hi Earl,

Appreciate much for your comments!

It's impressive about surface mount using in the tunnel. We are now developing a new LED Canopy Light, similar to that one re-directed by the page link you sent, 150W with 19,500 lumens, while 75W and 110W can be available too. Attached photo for your reference, final product will be released in about 15-20 working days.

Thank you again!

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