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DRB CarPics

14 replies created over 3 years ago
posted by SF Car Wash Channel over 3 years ago

Anyone here have DRB's new CarPics system installed? If so, is it really helping with operations overall?


reply by Ryan @ H2Go over 3 years ago

I am curious as well about how CarPics works. Anyone out there using it? Or have looked into it?

reply by dreamwash over 3 years ago

We run eGenuity ezWash and recently upgraded a month ago to ezCarQ. The difference is night and day. Now we have a perfect snapshot of the car at ticket generation for chargeback disputes or when we need to identify what vehicle was on a ticket. Our prepper also easily identifies the vehicle before sending the ticket and knows the customer's name and wash they are purchased if needed. Picture attached

reply by mikecatt13 over 3 years ago

I won't comment on the other company that was plugged here as there's a reason I chose DRB but this is what I can say about carpics...I would gladly pay 5 times what they charge for it! I don't think even DRB know how useful this tool is to an operator. Not only does it keep your queue there to verify it but you get status of unlimited customers (ex: their card gets declined on recharge ) as well as live view of XPT so customers can get prompt service. It's an absolute necessity!

reply by dreamwash over 3 years ago

Mike can you post a picture. Would love to see what it looks like

reply by mikecatt13 over 3 years ago

Im not sure how to post a picture, I'm not on here much. But the CarPics page on the DRB website has pictures and points out all the features in the picture much better than me putting one up would anyway

reply by dreamwash over 3 years ago

Is this touchscreen capable? Can you click on a ticket to delete it or select it or is this just an informational screen?

reply by Ryan @ H2Go over 3 years ago

And Mike, when you say you get status of unlimited customers (ex. declined card), how is that information useful? What do you do with an unlimited customer as they are being loaded onto the conveyor if you know they have a declined CC? Just trying to see how that information can be used.

Thanks for the feedback Mike.

reply by mikecatt13 over 3 years ago

No need to, it's automatically updates as each car is sent. All the data is stored in the main system so if you need to pull up a sale then you do it from the server. Managers station, etc. It gives an incredible amount of information and anything you need to pull up later is stored on other terminals. Personally, I wouldn't want it to be interactive because the employees prepping cars need to prep cars. If a sale needs to be pulled up for some rEason me or the manager can do it in the office and not delay the washing of cars

reply by mikecatt13 over 3 years ago

I (as many operators) have a grace period for unlimited customers. If their card is declined they can wash for "x" number of days before being "kicked out". My wash is in a fairly low income area and yet i still don't get people that take advantage of this. On an average month. 10% of my unlimited cusomers have declined cards, sometimes more (lIke I said, low income area). So they come in after recharge, the CarPics indicated declined card and my employee can let them know, get another card and have it updated in a matter of seconds and I get paid.

If this still doesnt make sense, let's crunch the numbers. Conservatively. Let's say 30 cards get declined. If they got kicked out immediately that would be about $600-$700 lost revenue. Going With The grace period, About 5 will noT get resolved, and probably 5 will get "free" washes, So Let's Use 7 and 7. That's $140 lost revenue and $64 "free washes" (at face value. Realistically these cost less than $7 total actual cost). So that gets me $400-$500 additional revenue AND 23 plans THAT DIDN'T GET CANCELLED SO YOUR UNLIMITED PLAN GROWS.

now, you don't have to use this feature and can also change how many days the grace period is but it just flat out works. It wouldn't without carpics because you couldn't tell who needed updatung by but with carpics it generates more revenue and retains more unlimited customers. Just one of the benefits of carpics though. It's my favorite and most valuable feature of the system as far as operation goes, with statwatch a close second

reply by dreamwash over 3 years ago

Thanks Mike for the input. Our loader queue screen has a few interactive features like deleting a ticket or selecting a different ticket to send to the controller. We don't use auto roller up because we run 3 pay lanes and sometimes a car needs to be exited from the queue so the loader is able to skip that car or even delete that car from the loader screen (say the customer changes their mind or just leaves without going thru the tunnel or they are too wide to fit - hey we have seen it all right?). When we tap a ticket it sends that ticket to the controller along with a roller up, we can at that time also do a truck bed or side retract if needed for that vehicle.

reply by dreamwash over 3 years ago

As for recharges, if a subscription customer is suspended for a decline the kiosk prompts them to slide their card in to update/recharge before the gate is opened. I'd love to learn from your experience with the grace period why that might be better than asking them to slide their card to update their account. Our wash is in a very high income neighborhood so that might be why we haven't seen the need for any grace period and are simply updating the credit card because of the expiration date change in most cases.

reply by mikecatt13 over 3 years ago

My system also does the prompt to update card at the paystation.

To clarify, we don't use auto roller up. When the employee presses send car (after verifying it's correct ) the queue automatically updates on carpics to reflect that change is what I meant

reply by dreamwash over 3 years ago

Oh sounds like we 'require' the credit card update while you have your system setup to allow update but not require for a grace period.

I'm guessing your system has an option to skip car / delete car if the next car in the CarPics is not the car that is loaded up on the conveyor.

ICS, DRB, eGENUITY, they all have different ways of doing this just like Apple vs Microsoft :)

reply by aaaautospa over 2 years ago

It's just ok

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