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Suggested Point Of Sale System???

4 replies created over 5 years ago
posted by Nathanschrader84 over 5 years ago

Just purchased automated tunnel wash, currently has archaic cash register. Would like to replace with computerized system that is connected to tunnel so we don't have to hit the button every time. Also makes tracking figures easier.

I made contact with Micrologic who quoted me $26,000, and that was for one stationary POS station and one mobile device, and a couple printers. Is this the "going rate"? Seems insanely high to me.

All advice & suggestions appreciated, as well as what I should expect to pay for what I described above.


reply by Earl Weiss over 5 years ago

What Tunnel contr0ller do you have now?

reply by baileyrb over 5 years ago

I would also check with ICS and DRB so you will see what is out there.

reply by Nathanschrader84 over 5 years ago


reply by Earl Weiss over 5 years ago

I am not familiar with that controller. perhaps they have a POS that interfaces with it. Could save you a chunk of $.

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