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3 replies created over 5 years ago
posted by Johnadams over 5 years ago

I have had Ryko Car Wash for 3 years now. A good machine but always in need of maintenance. Ryko charges arm n leg for maintenance and you have no choice but to pay them as you can't find anyone who can work on their machines.Just wanted to share my experience and save all future carwash investors so they don't get stuck.


reply by MR Mission over 5 years ago

I have a four bay self serve i am looking into a tunnel investment new or used any brand recommendations or warnings...

reply by diamond over 5 years ago

What Ryko System do you have?

reply by Rileysautospa over 2 years ago

@MR mission

Take your time and find a good distributor around you. You will want to have a close relationship with them so make sure you like them.

Sonnys is the standard equipment, works great, and you will allways be able to get your hands on parts. Install a strong equipment preventitave maintenance regimine and you will run forever.

That's my personal opinion at least.

Good luck :)

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