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Crypto Pay Credit Card Systems

0 replies created over 5 years ago
posted by Kleen-Rite over 5 years ago

A lot of people no longer carry cash; they use debit or credit cards for even the smallest of purchases, say picking up a soda at a convenience store. In the past, the cost of equipment allowing you to accept credit cards in your self service car wash has been very high. With the new CryptoPay system, the cost of entry is low enough to allow everyone the opportunity to add credit card acceptance to their car wash. All it takes is a CryptoPay coordinator and the appropriate number of swipers for your location. The coordinator ($350) mounts in your equipment room, connects to your internet service and controls all the swipers(up to 50!) at your location. Each swiper is only $365. At this low price point, it’s finally even feasible to add credit card acceptance to your vacuums and even vending machines. This is also facilitated by CryptoPay’s consolidation feature, where if a customer uses his card in one of your bays (or any other service) and then uses that same card in another of your swipers (say a vac or vendor) within two hours of the intitial swipe, the system will combine those transactions into one before processing so that you only have to pay one transaction fee.

Installation couldn’t be easier. The swiper mounts on your meterbox door and connects to your timer with 4 wires. The footprint of each swiper is small enough that they can be mounted on virtually any meterbox. Communication between the coordinator and swipers is wireless, so you don’t have the hassle of pulling new wires to each bay, and the wireless signal will piggyback from one swiper to another, so as long as any one of your swipers is in range of your coordinator you’re good to go. The system is capable of operating in count down or count up configurations (count up requires that you’re using a compatible Dixmor timer; count down will work with any timer), allowing the flexibility to set the system up to your preference.

If you have any questions, call Kleen-Rite at 800-233-3873. We have the systems on the shelf and ready to ship.

Check out the CryptoPay video below:


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