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Car Care Station

5 replies created over 6 years ago
posted by that big guy over 6 years ago

Has anyone seen the "Car Care Station"? Thoughts?


reply by Robert Roman over 6 years ago

This product seems like a good idea but it may be a miss because it is targeting a niche that has a shrinking customer base. I believe most self-service owners have more to gain by trying to exploit their in-bay automatic market.

reply by Earl Weiss over 6 years ago

Is this what you refer to?

About 10 years ago I think Ecolab had a similar machine. Housed reservoirs of Armor All, Spray Wax and Rain X. They marketed it to FS washes to use for extra services and set one up for me with a Coin box / token acceptor since I was EE. I told the rep I would only buy it if they agreed on a no questions asked return policy since he was certain it would make $. After about 2 months they took it back. At an ICA show I was at a session where they were touting this among other things. They asked if anyone had a machine and I raised my hand. They asked how i liked it. I told them they did not want to know.
I don't think they make it nay longer. must be a reason.

reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

Flynnhardey33 I do not know who you think your audience is on this forum but I doubt your posts are of any interest to 99% of the readers. This forum is used by Indutry operators and your posts seem geared to consumers in Australia.

reply by Jon S about 1 year ago

I suspect the he might actually be an internet bot.

reply by crown about 1 year ago

Flynnhardey33 I agree with Earl. Your posts are more of an annoyance than anything else. Your in Australia. The majority of operators utilizing this website are in the USA. There is quite alot of experience here. I am curious if anyone from our group of operators has inquired to order anything from you ? But in reality why would they ? My words are not meant to offend, but only to indicate that your equipment sales would be better served where you can offer your good service as well - in Australia


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