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Does anyone make a tire shine that isn't complete garbage?

4 replies created over 6 years ago
posted by AutomationMD over 6 years ago

I've been fielding numerous complaints from customers about their tire shine equipment and the false promises made by the company that sold them the equipment. Does anyone make a tire shine that isn't a complete and utter piece of shit? Tired of recognizing cars at the mall w/ tire shine fling.


reply by baileyrb over 6 years ago

Much of the sling has to do with the type of silicone applied. The nylon brush with frayed ends seems to do the best and cost the least per car. It's like anything in the wash, you have to monitor it and do minor adjustments from time to time. MacNeil and Sonny's both make this design. Sure beats the pad type.

reply by Earl Weiss over 6 years ago

Bought one Viper shine unit. Liked it so much I bought 3 more.

From what I have seen it is the least expensive and least maintenance (almost zero) unit out there but not the cheapest per application - about 50cents per car. However for most other machines there are wearable parts that ad a cost per car factor not present with the viper shine.

I am happy with the Viper Shine product and I know several who use that product with the Durashiner. The few I know who switched to the durashiner from the viper did so because they may sell 40000 tire shine applications a year. If they save 25-35 cents per application factoring pad replacement costs etc. it justifies the $10,000.00 addittional cost.

reply by Robert Bailey over 6 years ago

use the correct chemical for the type of applicator. just got patent on his tire shine machine. If you got fling on down the sides ..your using wrong product..

reply by Jon S over 6 years ago

They all have the same problems. Too many different size tires, wheels, etc.. Its nearly impossible to get good coverage without getting product on the wheel too. I just gave up on my Tire shiner and have gone back to the old school method. My customers are loving it.

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