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EXTRACTOMAT Floormat Cleaner

1 reply created over 7 years ago
posted by buda over 7 years ago

If you are looking for a superior mat cleaning system for your full service car wash or a coin/token/bill operated mat cleaning system for your express or self service wash you should take a look at the EXTRACTOMAT.

It is built of heavy-guage stainless steel, not paint which can rust.

It washes or shampoos or dry brushes.

It dries by extracting the moisture out of the mat producing a 98% dry mat

A easy to operate three-way switch allows you to switch from wash to shampoo to dry brush (like a rug-beater).

Best of all priced at only $5,195 (attened machine)

Bud Abraham


reply by baileyrb over 6 years ago

You might also want to check out the "Rug Beater" by dralco. Simple design, Stainless and works great. We have been using them for 25+ years.

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