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Kleen Rite's on line service is great

5 replies created over 7 years ago
posted by PanamaJim over 7 years ago with live chat!

Just used KR's chat to followup on an well...thank you KR!

I also like the order history and frequent product tabs!


reply by Techna Wash over 7 years ago

Yes, Techna Wash always orders its products from Kleen-Rite. Techna Wash has never had any issues with orders placed.

reply by Bubbles Galore over 7 years ago

I think it's funny that TechnaWash is talking in the third person.

reply by GregPack over 7 years ago

Greg Pack likes Kleen-Rite too. About once a quarter, Kleen-Rite will have a free shipping special with a purchase of at least $500. Greg likes to load up on the bulky, heavy supplies at that time. Kleen Rite makes High pressure hoses for a very good price too. Their Orange Kreme high pressure soap is nice-it smells great when being used. Greg really likes it. :)

reply by MEP1 over 7 years ago

I used to have all sorts of problems with my Kleen-Rite orders, but in the last year they've gotten everything right. I don't order hoses from them anymore - I could order six hoses all supposed to be the same length but they'd vary by about 18 inches throughout the batch. Windtrax does better and the crimps are a bit neater. I'd make them myself but it costs less even with shipping to order them than I can make them from local supplies.

reply by PanamaJim over 7 years ago

... no shipping on pallets likes me....yoda

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