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Protovest new IP single bag dryer

1 reply created over 7 years ago
posted by PanamaJim over 7 years ago

This video was made at Ron Pickett's Telephone location in Houston. He runs a fast conveyor speed. I visited the site last week and was impressed by it's simplicity and performance. Ron has a pair of side elephant ears and top shot afterwards but at l00/hr or less, the IP would be plenty with only 30 hp. It's a stand alone machine requiring no computer inputs and puts all the air where it needs to be, especially in an express format. I like the fact that it's so wide it will not go into a pickup bed, which eventually causes the center bag of protovest dryers to have frequent sensor failure and they cost $500 each. I think this new unit is $29,000 but nonetheless a worth every penny to reduce your hp to 30.


reply by AutomationMD over 6 years ago

Best drying I've seen ever. At least for the first month. Have they fixed the reliability issues? Are they still using illegal U.L. labels for their control boxes that look like a radio shack do it yourself electronics lab?

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