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Wanting to upgrade POS

8 replies created over 7 years ago
posted by Sean Schledt over 7 years ago

Any opinions on DRB, ICS, Micrologic, and Egenuity. I have old DRB Carwatch and Tunnel watch. Ready to buy


reply by KwikParker over 7 years ago

Not Micrologic!

reply by Jon S over 7 years ago

DRB is the most expensive, but you get a lot more bells and whistles.

reply by thoffmanjr over 7 years ago

At this point I would recommend Micrologic. They have recently hired an additional programmer and have really come up with some great improvements. Our operations include: full service locations, exteriors, self service bays, dog washes (coming soon), and in-bay automatics. They can also do self service laundry equipment and truck washes. They are the only car wash industry POS company that can cover all those bases. We sell gift cards and they work at every location. Our monthly unlimited wash program is processed automatically every month by their PCI compliant system. Their hardware platform is now running Microsoft Server 2008 running SQL server on Dell server class PC’s. They have stainless steel waterproof NEMA rated 15” touch screens (pictured) for the tunnel entrance which has help us improve production on busy days. (200+ cars per hour) Regarding auto cashiers their POS software can run on Hamilton’s HDK auto cashiers or you can now order their own auto cashier. Their auto cashier can also dispense a gift card that does not require the customer to re-swipe it to activate. The card dispenser reads the card prior to dispensing it. The cards are dead in the stacker and live when the customer grabs it. It’s just more customer friendly. Their cashier also has the ability to support two bill acceptors for increased reliability and capacity. It can dispense paper currency as change too. RFID and gate control is also available. This is a “can do” company. They also have available a stand alone gift card dispenser which could be used at a self service wash. It sells and recharges gift cards and can also provide the customer a receipt for service recently purchased. At our new exterior we are going to offer our unlimited customer s a gift card to allow them to vacuum at our self service vacuums for free. Each vacuum will have a credit card reader. Normal transactions by cash or credit card will generate revenue and unlimited customers will enjoy loyalty benefits. In the ingenuity department their light years ahead and they are nimble and extremely good in the hardware department.

reply by chrisgoblue over 7 years ago

We use MicroLogic at our site and I’d recommend it. Hands down it’s the best value. Just do a comparison on features and price and you’ll see what I mean. MicroLogic uses Microsoft’s .Net platform so they are using the latest and greatest technology. For example, I can access our system as though it is a web site through their web application . Most other car wash POS systems try to mimic (because they were built using older technologies) this by requiring you to use PC anywhere or some other hack, but it isn’t the same….trust me. I can edit a customer’s information, create gift cards, edit employee information, etc through the web app. I was just on vacation this week and I was able to easily check and edit a few things from my iPhone. This is how all the best technologies work now a days for good reason.

Their other strong point is the unlimited memberships. We can sign people up by scanning the back of a license which makes the process quick. Other POS systems have now followed suit, but ML was one of the first to start doing this which shows they tend to be ahead of the game in regards to new features. AND as a business person I hate middle men! Some POS vendors make you use one of their credit card processing companies which costs you a lot of money in the long run. ML let us decide who was the most competitive and use any processing company we wanted. Why the heck should a POS vendor dictate who I use to process my credit cards. It’s a way for them to nickel and dime you….so annoying! Like I said, they win on best value and perhaps even best overall in my opinion.

reply by KwikParker over 7 years ago

Using big words and cool sounding server upgrades and blah blah blah does not make the system work. For over a year now with only two sites they cannot get what they said was part of the base system to work. It is hard to imagine that with all that new cool sounding stuff that it still doesn't work but field tested this morning and still not working.

Sometimes practical field experience is better than new big words.

My advise talk to several operators who use Micrologic, not just who they recommend, before you purchase.

reply by travisk over 7 years ago

We have used Micrologic for over three years. Feel free to contact me at for pros and cons.

reply by AutomationMD over 6 years ago

Ez Power pos. $500 bucks. Best and easiest that I have ever used. And I write software for a living. Currently interfaces w/ Tommy and Guardian and Automation MD (mine) tunnel controllers. I modified it for car washes, and sell it for $1,000. Still quite a deal.

reply by AutomationMD over 6 years ago

Hopefully Egenuity doesn't read this, as I currently partnered w/ them as well.

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