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MacNeil Wheel Boss

1 reply created over 8 years ago
posted by PanamaJim over 8 years ago

1) Is this the best wheel/tire cleaner on the market today? (poodle brush, motor city, etc)

2) Occasional damages to running boards, mud flaps, etc?

3) Maintenance required?

4) Electric and/or hydraulic?

5) Cost?



reply by matt.mcgee over 7 years ago

I don't know about the others, but the wash I worked at had the Sonny's Bison Brushes. One thing we didn't like is the bristles were loose and came out with-in a few months of usage. But I'm not shure if it's the brush's fault.

It was the exit end of the driver side. If the brushes were poorly made the whole tire set would do so, but it was the one area so IDK. It may not be a big deal.

I like Sonny's tire brushes. You can attach the 18 inch rockers to them to save tunnel space in those tight areas.

We used hydraulic. Seems to have a faster responce. Never experienced any damage. The bristles are really soft, you can run your hand through the material while the brush is in rotation feals like a hand message.
It's fine on vehicals besides the bristle incident.

Not much maintence, but you need to keep the air pressure on the retract cylindars low. The tire brush arms have very little room to move. If they engage in the vehical to aggressivly can cause damage to the brush componets and the spring shocks will wear out faster.

The brush won't remove all the dirt from the tires anyway so keep the contact pressure light. Further cleaning should be done with a wheel blaster. If you like foam Sonny's offers the Ninja Brush which uses Neoglide.

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