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POS software

3 replies created over 10 years ago
posted by Wayneb over 10 years ago

Has anyone used EZ-Wash from eGenuity? I am looking at their product, but not sure if anyone has experienced their service and could offer some insight.


reply by AutomationMD over 6 years ago

They have awesome customer service from what I hear. They have made leaps and bounds in recent years and have poured tons of money into R&D. They are trying to be the anti-DRB of car wash equipment. They offer the full package. i.e. tunnel controller, pos, auto-cashier, RFID etc. They are really coming around as the "watch this company" Car wash systems OEM manufacturer. This is a company to watch in the years to come. They continue to amaze and impress me.

reply by dreamwash over 3 years ago

We utilize the eGenuity ezWash system for our 3 lane express with RFID and ezCarQ since opening 4 months ago and are very pleased with the system. Its interfaced with a Guardian Wash Controller 96 function to run our 145 ft tunnel setup.

reply by ricko13 over 2 years ago

We have had nothing but adversity with our eGenuity system. Totally disruptive to our business and never functioned as designed.

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