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Mat Cleaning

2 replies created over 10 years ago
posted by Mdavison over 10 years ago

I have a full service carwash and am looking for a machine that will really clean and dry floormats. It must actually clean the mat and allow us to put it back into the car dry. Anyone currently using the Rhino-Mat or Air-Mat? Or is there something better out there?


reply by DivineSuccess over 10 years ago

I saw the Rhino mat at ICA this past year and was extremely impressed. The mat comes out very very dry. When we start doing mats that is the unit I will buy.

reply by buda over 7 years ago

If you have not purchased a mat cleaner as yet, consider the EXTRACTOMAT. It is the same in function and drying as the Rhinomat but with these added features:

+ Stainless Steel vs Painted
+ Mats drop in the front of machine rather than the rear
+ Has a three function switch: wash & extract; shampoo & extract; dry brush & vacuum
+ About $2,000 less expensive $4995 plus freight


Bud Abraham

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