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"El Cheapo" Extractor

13 replies created over 11 years ago
posted by waxman over 11 years ago

I recently traded my Galaxy extractor for a nice, little GMC 4wd Plow truck, 78k original miles, complete with plow assembly.

In turn, I purchased a used Thoro-Matic cold water extractor for $175. I bought a new ss crevice tool because it only came with an ss household carpet attachment. I use a bucket heater from Agway to heat the water because it cleans better than cold. This little machine is super! It cleans as well as my Galaxy did. I am very happy with this move and would recommend a machine like this to any professional detail shop.


reply by benscarwash over 11 years ago

What's a PLOW TRUCK?

Nice Dave, But if you got any cheaper you could use a towel, a brush and some special cleaner or ZAP-IT and do just a good of a job of $10!

Just kidding.... I know what a snow plow is... just glad I haven't had to do it in 21 years!

reply by waxman over 11 years ago

Yeah, I spent alot on plowing last winter with all the snow we got. My li'l plow truck is pretty cool; can't wait to plow with it this year.

I do some interiors with a towel, cleaner, brush and wet vac. Usually when a customer wants a "hand wax, vac, windows and spot clean" this is what I'll do. Only I use Wellworth or similar foamy carpet shampoo. But I just love the way my extractor cleans. When I dump the waste tank and see all that brown, murky water I know I really got some serious dirt out of peoples' cars and that makes me feel satisfied.

By the way, what are hurricanes?

reply by benscarwash over 11 years ago


Hurricanes are a team of Loosers in Miami! Go GATORS!

I love my extractor too! Except when the staff forgets to open the valve and clean it overnight then I use it the next day and it smells like a wet dog!

People in my "hood" of Philly got seriously hurt if you stole their parking spot of moved thier "lawn chair" (yes... they use lawn chairs to save spots) even killed over it! I don't miss it. I miss waking up and seeing the snow on the ground and trees hanging with ice... pretty. I still have 4 acres in Maine (gave away 340 acres to the Kennebec land trust a few years back). I plan to build a cabin for retirement on my land in a few years.

reply by Danny over 11 years ago

My wife grew up in Gainesville, her whole family lives in Gainesville, they are all huge University or Florida Gator fans...and as a Gator fan you are now her new favorite! Congratulations! LOL

reply by waxman over 11 years ago

Just used this trusty little truck again! There's no snow yet, but I used it to repair a leaky boom swivel in bay 1. Put the stepladder in the bed to get high enough to access the snap ring on the boom. Worked great.

reply by benscarwash over 11 years ago

Danny, sad thing is in a few weeks I'm send my two girls to FSU's band camp. FSU has a better music camp than UF. UF has a better sports program.

reply by Danny over 11 years ago

I am quoting from the wife..."Ewwwww, but it could be worse. You could be sending them off to become Bulldogs! Tell no one of this!" LOL The wife told me there are rules to this as UF fans. Cheer for UF against anyone and do it loud. The only time it is ok to cheer for another, is FSU against Georgia and you do that quietly. He He He

reply by benscarwash over 11 years ago


Ben went to Vanderbilt last year (can't ruit for them). But the other sad thing is... my last name CLEMSON and my great great great uncle settled CLEMSON UNIVERSITY. So the Bowden boy and his dad presents quite a delima for me! WHAT DO I DO? Pick UF over CLEMSON?

reply by pcb over 11 years ago

Hey Doug, I don't want to start any kind of argument but if you talked all that Gator mess where I live and owned a business I promise without a doubt you would go hungry fast. Go Dawgs

reply by Danny over 11 years ago

Doug, Doug, Doug come into the light...the orange and blue light! he he he

reply by Danny over 11 years ago

Perry Perry Perry tsk tsk tsk so much animosity towards FL don't be angry when Georgia loses...somebody has to! he he he

reply by buda over 9 years ago

Go DUCKS and BEAVERS. Watch out for Jaquizz Rogers at Oregon State this year.

reply by buda over 8 years ago

OREGON DUCKS #1 in the Nation.

Leading offensive team in the nation over 50 points a game.

Chip Kelly is an offensive genius.

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