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Free Chemical offer from Ryko!!!

8 replies created over 10 years ago
posted by Rykopro over 10 years ago

Ryko is running a FREE chemical offer on their web site. Up to $800.00 in free chemicals if you are currently using another product. Free is a great price and is a no risk way to try them out.


reply by Rykopro over 10 years ago

We have converted almost all of the two step washes we supply chemicals to a single High PH solution. Now instead of two chems we just put on the same chem twice and it works better whether its a Ryko or a Vector! The chem is called "Supreme Clean" and Ryko put it out for about two years ago. They just came out with a new product called Supreme Clean HW that is designed to work with hard water.
See below:
Supreme Clean HW Presoak has been formulated to deliver superior wash quality results when poor water quality conditions exist. It should be used at sites:
1.) that do not have water softeners or have non-functional water softeners
2.)where water softeners cannot continuously deliver soft water due to demand
3.)that use RO water with presoak, and have RO systems that convert to city water when demand exceeds RO water production.

In addition, if hard water is present, Supreme Clean HW will also keep the chemical injectors from clogging due to hard water precipitation (i.e. ‘chalking’). Supreme Clean HW does not offer additional wash quality benefits over the standard Supreme Clean presoak if used with soft/RO water.

Example of wash quality differences on the same vehicle* using soft water and hard water:
Soft Water:
Supreme Clean- 95.0% of road film removed
Supreme Clean HW- 94.2% of road film removed

Hard Water (14 grains):
Supreme Clean- 71.5% of road film removed
Supreme Clean HW- 93.6% of road film removed

*(>90% road film removal is considered to be acceptable wash quality. The vehicle in which this test was performed on had not been washed in the past 12 months)

reply by starwash over 10 years ago

ok...i see you have percentages of road film removed and i have to ask, how did you measure road film down to a 1/10 of a percent removal, and how did you do it on the same car? even if you waited the same amount of time between washes the weather conditions could not be the same so the road film would not be the same? i am totally confused on how you can determine this

reply by Homer over 10 years ago

I know that at CSI (Lustra) they have a cleaning station in their lab where they wash soiled tiles. They weigh the tiles. Then put them in a machine. The machine (basicly a clear box) sprays soap on them then has a high pressure rinse. After that, they weigh them again after they dry to determine the amount of cleaning.

reply by Rykopro over 10 years ago

Can't give away trade secrets on how it was
tested or how we determined the % clean.....but the test was performed on
the vehicle at the same time. The test is very accurate and is always
confirmed visually.

reply by Homer over 10 years ago

I would be willing to bet that what ever the "secret test" is it's most likely been done before. The test doesnt mean anything without a quality chemical. Well, I guess it could tell you for a fact that your products are useless. (by "your products" I don't mean Rykos)

reply by Rykopro over 10 years ago

I actually cut and pasted the response from our chemical engineer. He reads this site and gave his response to me before I asked him how the testing was done. I have seen testing at Ryko and I have a "book" with the in depth testing results Ryko provided on touchless chemicals a few years back. They are scientific tests performed by professional engineers.
I did send in some CSI "Lustra shine " to our chemical engineer. I am not sure it would be fair to post the results here, but there was no comparison (anyone interested please let me know). Has anyone else compared the two surface sealants or any other surface sealant to the Ryko Rain Shield? We thought since Ryko had the free offer for Rain Shield running last year, someone else may have done an on site comparison. Ryko does have a free chemical offer for all of their products right now so I hope some of you will take advantage of this and get some real life comparisons.

reply by Homer over 10 years ago

You mean LustraShield? I think it is a good product. I am intrested in your results. What did you test? I don't know how you test a sealant. How many days water stayed beading on the car? Our Ryko distributor down here doesnt even use their chemicals. I am in car washes all day, I think I saw a cherry pre-soak drum at a car wash once, but thats it. I know you said they have come along ways in the last few years. Maybe they just don't have a good rep in this area. I would send some Rain Shield to CSI...If I could ever find some.

reply by diamond over 10 years ago

Rykopro, Have you seen Supreme Clean work better with heated water or cold water? Also have you tested Ryko's NEW Bay Wall Cleaner?(Not white wall cleaner)

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