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Opinion on Mcneil -Ryco- Sonneys other for tunnel

12 replies created over 10 years ago
posted by mark over 10 years ago

Does anybody have an opinion on tunnels as for who they think has the best equipment and most reliable.


reply by KwikParker over 10 years ago

All equipment can clean a car and all of them break down. I have two MacNeil tunnels, very good equipment but when it breaks down, like they all do, it can be very complicated to fix. If your distributer for MacNeil has done several and they have been in operation for a few years where they could diagnos problems you should be ok. I would look at some spare parts list's and local availability of those parts, your tunnel will break down on Friday at 5 just after that great 3" snow storm on Wednesday so make sure you can get parts fast and easy. Look at AVW if you have not also. Go to ICA next month in Orlando, they are all there.

reply by mark over 10 years ago

how long have you had McNeil= If you had to buy again would you buy Mcneil.
Yes we are going to Orlando.
Thanks for your input!

reply by extremewash over 10 years ago

I have Tommy's/AVW and I'm happy with it. I believe your comfort level with the local distributor is more important than anything else.

reply by KwikParker over 10 years ago

the short answer is no, I would not purchase it again-remember you can mix and match parts in this industry. It's not like Ford and Chevy.

reply by mark over 10 years ago

wow I would really love to know why ! And yes you can mix and match to a point really appreciate your input

reply by rmcmurry over 10 years ago

Sonny's is the largest tunnel mfg in the world. WHY???
I had the opportunity to visit the factory in buying an IBA.
They are very impressive. Talk to them at the show in April

reply by DaveM over 10 years ago

There are many opinions, it will ultimately come down to your distributor and what qualities you consider to be important in your equipment.
Some things to look at: Ease of maintenance, availability of parts, factory support, distributor support, lifespan of equipment
Find tunnels that are ten years old and look at the equipment, how is it holding up?

Personally I prefer Macneil equipment, thats my opinion based on my experience. Take it for what it is worth.

reply by mark over 10 years ago

All good advice, Dave do you have Macneil and if so how old is it - I know that they have only been doing tunnel wash's for about five years and conveyors longer. I have grat support in arae for Peco and MacNeil.
What do you all think of double tunnels?

reply by DaveM over 10 years ago

Most of our current Macneil equipment is about 5 1/2 years old. Our conveyor has been in since 1993 or 1994. When we installed the conveyor in 1994 we also installed Macneil wraps and rocker brushes. In 2002 we did a major tunnel overhaul and installed Macneil wraps, rockers, high sides, tire brushes and a HP arch. Our original wraps and rockers were still working great but we wanted to update for the new technology. The wraps we installed in 2002 were flex wraps, with the longer arms for better front and rear coverage as well as PLC controlled.

reply by kbottoms over 10 years ago

Our tunnel has all MacNeil equipment with over 250,000 washes on it. We are building another using MacNeil again-this time no hydraulics. The flex wraps are great unless -your timing is off on the fold (this is best started at the entrance photo eye), not lubricated ,the mirror was already broken, the mirror is cheap-(H3, S-10, Cavalier, and add Mazda CX-9 as of last week). We have replaced normal stuff like bearings, cylinders, a roller here and there, and a dryer turbine. Preventative maintaince is the key which mine had none of before I started. As far as the distributor they can't stock everything on hand . I make a wish list with needed and not so needed items befor they break then discuss with distributor how much and how long before it will get here from Canada eh?

reply by Chiefs over 10 years ago

Two things you will find out.

One, there is not one manufacturer who has al of the best equipment. You can easily and with reasoned judgement pick the best individual pieces from each manufacturer and develop a great car wash process.

Two, no matter whose you equipment choose, all of it will work and all of it will wash, rinse and dry cars.

By far the biggest decision you will face is not necessarily whose equipment you use, but the placement of the equipment within the actual wash process.

For example. You will undoubtedly see that every tunnel manufacturer besides making cloth equipment, also makes high oressure equipment as well (arches and side blasters).
What you will also see is that all of these manufacturers always place the high pressure equipment in the middle of the wash process between the first and second cloth sections. Well, I would love to have someone explain to me how putting your investment in high pressure equipment after the cloth is going to enable you to drmatically reduce manual vehicle prepping.

Yes, a hybrid wash process does mean mixing touchless equipment with cloth equipment, but throwing it in a blender. If you invest in touchless (high oressure) equipment, the only way it can possibly reduce manual prepping is if the touchless pre-soak and high pressure come before ANY cloth equipment. I mean seriously, this is the first principle of car washing. Even a 16 year old with their first new car knows that the first thing you do prior to hand washing your car is to rinse off the heavy dirt, salt, sand, etc., first. This very principle is the foundation of hybrid washing.

When you go to other washes, notice how much prepping they do. The more prepping done, they more hourly wash volume you will lose on peak and semi-peak wash days. Prepping can be minimized without significantly impacting wash volume.

Your wash process is every bit as important as the equipment you choose to create that process. Think outside the box.

reply by cantfixstupid over 10 years ago

Tunnel packages are the same as party politics. If you vote for on party you are forced to take the good with the bad.... Go for mill of the road...Seek out what results you want from your equipment! Long-lifetime, low-maintenance, easy repair, aftermarket replacement parts (cheaper), low vehicle damage results, programable PLC's (to add or remove equipment from was packages, or simply to change parameters of equipment timing. Mix and match, there is no black and white... However, many different shades of gray! This ain' Ford vs. Chevy!

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