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Customer claims damage to his truck

2 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by gowash about 1 year ago

Looking for some guidance and advise. I own a small car wash with one automatic touch-less wash and 3 self-serve bays. There is no one there during the day, but I man my video cameras all day.

Customer with a large truck enters my automatic. The truck has an after market Bull Bar on the front of his truck. The automatic detects the front bumper but not the Bull Bar. As the wand starts from the passenger door and proceeds to the front of the truck, the wand goes behind the bar and stops.

This guy is now claiming the want pulled his bull bar out 5 inches and dented the top of it. He is also claiming extensive damage to the tailgate.
I pulled all my video and yes the wand did in fact go behind his Bull Bar and stop. The eye picked up the bumper but not the after market bar. As I look at the video as he entered, it appears the Bull Bar was already pushed out about 5 inches. The wand never made it to the back of his truck so the wand could not have damaged the tailgate! The wand isn't strong enough to pull that front bar out anyway, it's plastic and shuts down immediately. Now this guy is hammering me I better have insurance to fix his truck and within one day he had a very high estimate. I also have a sign as you enter we are not responsible for any after market accessories and enter at your own risk. We are a very small way the mountains. This guy is not going to stop, and we have had our equipment vandalized before. I have my Tech coming out because he backed up to get the wand out from his grill and I have damage to my wand that will cost a lot of money to fix. Has this happened to anyone before, any advice??????


reply by Robert Roman about 1 year ago

You must be new because most operators have accident prevention and safety plan that contains incident report and standard procedures to follow in the event of customer or employee injury or personal property damage such as your pending vehicle damage claim.

So, my advice would be to document the event in writing. Once facts and evidence are established, you can ponder cause and effect objectively.

For example, did you show surveillance footage to customer?

If parties can’t come to mutually acceptable finding, then I would consider arbitration via your insurance company, local advocate or an attorney.

I didn’t know there were mountains in Vineland, New Jersey. Where are they?

reply by gowash about 1 year ago

Thank you for your reply. No the video has not been shown to the customer. We are a very small car wash located in the Catskill mountains. My father has owned the car wash since 2006, I've been running it since 2013 (my father is now 87). This the first time anything has happened, and my video is very clear from all angles. I've had people claim they had damage and when I check the video, they didn't even use the car wash.

I called my insurance company and they said they will review all video, photo's from the customer as well as the written statement from the customer of what they think the car wash damaged. I waiting for that letter to proceed. Thank you agian

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