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Tire Brush Damaging Black Rim

3 replies created about 1 month ago
posted by Rwave about 1 month ago

I have a customer that wants me to replace 8 of his scratched black wheel rim on Yukon 16, and Escalade 17. They used the car wash a couple of times, I am so frustrated but I feel responsible for it. Anyone with the same experience, and what can we do to avoid it? It surprises me that an new upgraded rim can not hold for the tire brush cleaning.

Thank you



reply by Robert Roman 29 days ago

Cause and effect - you can't fix something unless you know what is causing it.

For example, did damage come from wash as in can you observe potential damage like rims from identical or subject vehicle rubbing on tire brush mechanism? Have you checked with factory to see if there any recall bulletins regard defect with painted rims? And so forth.

reply by Jon S 27 days ago

Based on where the damage is located it looks to me that it is unlikely the damage would be caused by a wheel/tire brush. What I see is flaking paint due to a poor surface preparation prior to painting.

reply by Earl Weiss 27 days ago

We advise that customers are responsible for non original equipment. There is no telling how aftermarket stuff is made. Had one guy with an older Caddy and clearly aftermarket cheap plastic replacement hubcaps. I said "Sir, we are not responsible for non original equipment." He said "well it's originally from Walmart." After a good chuckle i gave him some free washes.

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