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Road Construction

4 replies created over 3 years ago
posted by LTB over 3 years ago

Any owners or managers have any experience with how much road construction affects your car wash sales?

My main facility is about to have road construction for up to 18 months due to road widening for the new Braves stadium.

What can I expect sales to tank by? 50? 25? Out of business? Do customers come in the road is dirt coming into your wash?

If anybody has gone through this, I would appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for your help,



reply by Robert Roman over 3 years ago

Small world, a long time ago I used to haunt that area managing several washes in region, including Smyrna.

Given where the new stadium will be located, I know one wash that is most nearby.

Based on my experience with right-of-way issues and such, I would say construction might hurt the business.

How much would require some analysis and a lot more information.

For example, years back, I was consultant for Elite Hand Wash when its property was taken in a GDOT road widening project.

After completion, remaining nearby washes was hurt because traffic pattern changed.

On the other hand, I would not expect construction to cause disruption of business.

Hope this helps.

reply by Gary Pendleton over 3 years ago

You will have a 15% to 20% decrease.

reply by Earl Weiss over 3 years ago

IMO your question cannot be answered without detailed info and in fact may be impossible to answer. Info could include How many lane restrictions and for how long? Will there be direct access restrictions etc. How far in each direction from your wash will the construction be taking place. m Will barriers be removed on weekends and replaced on weekdays.

reply by budgetwash over 3 years ago

Well they did my road. When they tore it up I had a dirt road entrance. We were down 80-90%...I hope you do better.

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