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SECWA Road Show Atlanta

4 replies created over 8 years ago
posted by PanamaJim over 8 years ago

SECWA one day Road Show in Atlanta
Expecting over 200...just talk and exhibits
Starts Sun PM Feb 27 with a relaxed evening of car wash round tables
Mon Feb 28 an ALL DAY, 7 car wash, bus tour...ending at 4 pm

A good opportunity to talk car wash with vendors and operators till you
want to puke. (I don't know if some of us ever get to that point...maybe the wives do) Plus an opportunity to see more washes than you could ever get through by yourself in one day. Guaranteed to satisfy the most "hard core car wash operator". Don't even come if car washing is not your love, your drive and your "raison d'etre" (that's reason for existence for you non-southerners).

Cheap: $99 members (1 to 2 people) or $129 for non-members (1 to 2)

I'll be there...



reply by Jimmy Jaffa over 8 years ago

Not nearly as much fun as our meeting with the Value Adjustment Board to argue 2010 Property Tax values on Monday the 28th.

reply by PanamaJim over 8 years ago

Put in a word for me. It's ridiculous. Our values have gone down but our taxes have remained the same or gone up.

I'm sure my taxes are lower than yours...about $7k to $8k per location (property + intangibles). I've heard some paying as much as $25k per location in Florida.

You'll miss the fun and your input will be missed!

reply by GregPack over 8 years ago

I'm not sure I'm gonna make this one, but IMO the roadshow is the best value among trade shows. It lasts about 24 hours, not much fluff at all. This would be a great opportunity for someone to see express washes, and probably see what an overbuilt market does to the owners. The last tour I went on the washes we visted were great, we passed a bunch of them that looked like they were suffering.

reply by PanamaJim over 8 years ago

Tours use to be a part of every associational meeting (even ICA) but most have gotten away from them. Logistics is part of the problem.The SE knows how to make a tour work: "keep it moving", "see a lot of washes", and "eat while on route".

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