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Florida Association of Car Washes

7 replies created over 8 years ago
posted by PanamaJim over 8 years ago

There are some emails being traded concerning a Florida Association as a sub-chapter of the SECWA. If anyone is interested contact me and I will put you in the loop.

We might have an opportunity to talk initially at Memphis SECWA meeting July 25th.




reply by stuart over 8 years ago

Hey Jimmy this is an interesting concept. I have always wondered why Florida didn't have it's own assn. You guys certaintly have enough washes to support your own group. Here in NE, as you know, we have NECA,the CT assn, NY assn, PA assn, NJ assn and PA assn. All assn. support and work with the NECWA. The annual show is held in Atlantic City and is now deemed the best regional car wash show. It now tops the CA show.

reply by gadsen64 over 8 years ago


I am not able to make it to Memphis but maybe you could talk to Marcus and the other SECWA officers and see what we need to do. Then maybe we can find a central place to meet or at least have a conference call.

You could twist my arm to meet in PCB sometime soon!!!

reply by PanamaJim over 8 years ago

Ditto Stu...Here would be fine Jim...but I think Orlando would be more convenient for everyone else. Plus SECWA has a meeting there in Sept.

No tar babies in PC!

reply by atanner over 6 years ago

I am located in Crystal River, FL (Citrus County) which is north of Tampa and due west of Ocala, FL (Central West Coast). I would love to see a Florida organization formed. Please add me to your contact list should this idea begin to develop. Good luck with the pursuit. Feel free to contact me if I could assist.
Angela Tanner
Water Works Car Wash and Detail Shop
(352) 564-WASH (9274)

reply by Bob Koo over 6 years ago

Add me to the list too.
Bob Koo
Autoshine CW
Lakeland, FL

reply by Jimmy Jaffa over 6 years ago

Add Andrew and Jimmy Jaffa to your list
CarbuX Car Wash

reply by gadsen64 over 6 years ago

Jimmy, I'm interested as well. Wash Me Fast

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