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5 replies created over 9 years ago
posted by griff over 9 years ago

Any suggestions on a good company to buy carwash monitoring equipment from? I have Digicapture now and I can't get them to send me parts, or even call me back for that matter. I personally confronted Ken at the Carwash show and he said they are having phone problems. This seems a little odd that they are in the technology business and their phones haven't worked for three weeks. He issured me I would be called by Monday the 17th at the latest ( another lie). Help! I am lost without my cameras.


reply by foamycars over 9 years ago

I've used Turbo DVR in Utah for two years with no complaints. It's a pc based system. Pros and cons for both stand alone and or pc based systems. The great thing about a pc based system is updating the parts are as easy as changing a board or two. Same thing with upgrades. You can use any decient camera with either. Small company, with good personal service.

reply by GregPack over 9 years ago

Last time I looked, digicapture was using geovision brand DVR components that are private labeled, but that has been a few years ago.

reply by Techna Wash over 8 years ago

There is a company in Utah called Risk Control. their contact info is:

reply by br549 over 8 years ago


reply by soapy over 8 years ago

Check with Kleenrite and their line. In is called turbo DVR and Rick in Salt Lake City does all their systems. I have both digicapture and Turbo DVR. I was surprised that digicapture was not at the ICA show this year.

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