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Thick Wax : Carnauba Wax

1 reply created about 1 month ago
posted by KKEAUTOCARE about 1 month ago

KKE Autocare has come up with yet another innovation in the car paint protection. KKE introduces in its KKE Plus series a new paste wax called Thick Wax.

This wax has a high percentage of Carnauba wax which is one of the best waxes in the world and sourced from Brazial Rain forest. The wax forms a hard coating on the car surface which remains on the car surface a protective film for a long period.

The Carnauba wax provides protection against normal usage and gives that long lasting shine.

You would achieve the best results if KKE Thick Wax is applied on the vehicle after the car is paint corrected and finished. The product needs to be applied on the car using applicator pad. Apply in shade and as thin film as possible. Allow the car to remain for atleast 30 mins for the wax to become hard and stick to the paint. In humid conditons, you may require even upto the extent of 1 - 2 hours for proper setting on the wax.

Buff off using a wool pad or a micro fiber pad. Even buffing off with microfiber is alright, however, since KKE Thick Wax is a hard wax, it would require a bit of effort to remove it manually.


reply by Robert Roman about 1 month ago

You must be a salesperson.

Carnauba wax is perhaps the most expensive wax but it is not necessarily the best wax.

For example, carnauba imparts wet look and beads water like crazy because it creates a high surface contact angle on the surface.

However, it doesn’t hold up as long as synthetic wax fortified with polymer that are a lot easier and faster to use (no machine necessary).

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