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Heavy Bug Removal Tip

6 replies created over 2 years ago
posted by FastLaneMinot over 2 years ago

Depending what you use for bug removal, here is a little tip that has worked WONDERS for our wash, and we see bugs on 90% of the cars that show up in the summer time, and we dont leave any on the front end, no matter what wash is chosen. anyways, with your 20gallon chemical mixture, mix in either a half a box of fabric softener sheets, or half a jug of liquid softener. if your using the sheets, just roll them up, zip tie them, and toss em into the chemical and let em soak in the chemical, use as normal. and for the liquid, just pour it in, mix it up, and use as normal. Also for tar, nothing EVER will be better than Wd-40, no tar remover that is sold on the market will do as good as job as that will, and its not harmful to the paint, This I promise you will make customers smile when you tell them you can remove huge wads, or even little specs of tar at the same time as your prepping the vehicle, of course we dont do it to every vehicle, but the ones that are brutal, we soak the spot in wd- use a soft brush, and then rinse off with pressure gun. sometimes the brush is not even necessary, it falls right off with rinse.


reply by hkim3106 over 2 years ago

While true, I've read that the chemicals in the fabric softener sheets dissolve the vehicle's finish. Just an FYI......

reply by FastLaneMinot over 2 years ago

Been using that trick for years now on my personal vehicle(s) Zero Ill effects. Also the bug juice is concentrate, so it gets injected into water, not sure the exact ratio, but between the dillution and time it sits on the vehicle, I do not think we will have any issues arise. But thanks for the heads up.

reply by Earl Weiss over 2 years ago

Deisel fuel works well on tar and cheaper than WD40

reply by washzone over 2 years ago

Hi Fast Lane is this fabric softener used for bugs in a touch less automatic and how many ounces of softener per gal of chemical

reply by FastLaneMinot over 2 years ago

No, not a touch less wash, and we only use it in the the first step, we spray it on via our bug system, it sets for about 45 seconds, and we use soft brush if bugs are heavy. If the bugs are average we just soak in bug spray, 45 seconds, and high pressure rinse them off, usually come out with a perfect product at the end, depending how long the bugs were on there the acid from there guts eats into clear coat so its important to get them off asap. and I dont use the liquid style at the wash, I use the sheets, i take a box of them, roll them up, ziptie them together, and put them in our 20gal barell of solution and just let the sheets soak in there, when the 20gal is gone, repeat process.

reply by baileyrb about 1 year ago

So you add the sheets to your bug cleaning solution? What type of cleaning solution, I would assume high ph? Is it concentrate or ready to use dilution?

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