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bus wash systems

3 replies created over 6 years ago
posted by dullahs over 6 years ago

hi there anyone got any info on bus wash systems manual or auto.there setup and what options are available.i came to the best site for the best advice and i know you guys wont let me down.thanks in advance.


reply by Robert Roman over 6 years ago

The number of equipment suppliers is fairly limited.

I would begin by searching for Ryko, InterClean and MacNiel.

What school system or public transit company do you work for?

reply by Bob Koo over 6 years ago

Go to the website , they are one the major players in the United States. Their customer list is very long and impressive.
They should be able to accomodate you for a gantry, drive thru, or hand operation.

Hope this helps

reply by FastLaneMinot about 1 year ago

Bug Juice ( wheel/tire cleaner), throw in half a jug of fabric softener, or roll up a half of box of then, zip tie them, and toss em into the chem, llet them soak in there, then use as normal, also makes the bay smell wonderful :D spray the car, let it set for roughly 45sec-1min, spray off high pressure, maybe a super light scrub with soft brush on chrome to remove some of the acid stains from the bugs.

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