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Washalia S.L.

Easy is better

Washalia is a company dedicated to the development of innovative car(mats)-washing systems. Our aim is to offer efficiency through time and money savers. Our brackets allow a perfect wash of your car mats ( in only 40 seconds ), dry and ventilation without using any electricity. Provide your workers with an effective tool that will help them become more productive and decrease the risk of injuries. Help the environment ( and your profits) by using less electricity. Forget about maintenance costs. Simple to handle: suitable for professional and domestic use. Better service: forget about bad smells from excess water and remaining dirt; no longer will they be dragged into your customers vehicle.

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Phone: +34 610 860 196
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SWC PRO $600.0


Wash your car mats, in only 40 seconds without using electricity. Save money and time, improve your productivity and customer service. Simple and effective.

SWC BG $400.0


Car Mat brackets: stationary system designed for boxes and suitable for all size car mats.

SWC FX $400.0


Modular design that adjusts to your needs. Different size baskets with wall anchoring, suitable for centers with limited space. Create your own combination.

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