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Micrologic Associates

Turning Ideas into Solutions

Micrologic Associates is a leader in the sales, installation, service, and support of Point of Sale systems, Controllers and Auto Payment Machines for Car Washes and Quick Lube facilities. We provide easy to use solutions ranging from wireless hand held devices, conventional touch screen point of sale computers and controllers tailored to your specific requirements. Our systems provide Cash Management, Instant Credit clearing (to any processor), Labor management, VIP/ Fleet Management, Customer Tracking, as well as Unlimited Wash Program in the base software package. These systems can interface with most tunnel controllers available today and offer the ability to replicate the data from multiple sites for consolidated reporting and transferring of customer information. In addition, we offer our Web application for Management control. From any Web browser you can view live data, run reports, check time card activity and modify services.

Additionally, we offer an RFID solution for Rollover and Tunnel applications. This system can work with any Entry Machine and offers “Unlimited Wash” functionality with Credit Card on File. We also can supply Credit Card Systems for Self Service Bays. Our system can be installed on the existing coin boxes and can be programmed to Count Up or Count Down. With our Gift Card Dispenser / Recharger station, customer can purchase and recharge a card. Credit Card customer can also use this machine to print a receipt from the bay.

Phone: 973-598-0808
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LogicWash POS System $0.0

LogicWash POS system gives your full control over your car wash operations by providing you with accurate, detailed and easy cash management functions.

LogicWash Pegasus Payment Terminal $0.0


LogicWash Pegasus Payment Terminal is designed as a patron-friendly payment unit with a 15-inch Touch Screen display and Payment is accepted in either cash or credit card and the machine can dispense coins and two denominations of bills.

Clean Car Pass RFID System $0.0


The Clean-Car-Pass® system offers many options for offering Loyalty Tracking, Fleet Tracking and Unlimited Monthly Wash with automatic billing to a credit card on-file.

LogicBay Credit Card for Self Service Car Wash $0.0


LogicBay Credit Card system offers many options for Credit Card acceptance in your Self Service bays and vacuums. The system can Count-up or Count-down and also allows Gift and Fleet cards to be used with the system without transaction fees.

LogicWash Tunnel Controller $0.0


The LogicWash Tunnel Controller provides an easy to configure cost effective solution to control and operate you car wash and can be connected to any Tunnel equipment.

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