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SKS Enterprises

SKS Enterprises specializes in the distribution of the Soo-Soft Digital Electronic Descaler & Water Softener

Eliminate Calcium Fouling
Create Spot-Free Rinse
Extend Equipment Life
Reduce Detergent Use
Eliminate Salt Use

By using Soo-Softâ„¢ digital technology, you can reliably soften water without salt or chemicals. Instead of removing calcium from the water, it is converted into a soft form called calcium aragonite. This form has a particle size of 4 microns with the consistancy of fine talcum powder. Water treated this way is a much better solvent. This treatment also changes the electrical charge of the water, preventing the particles of calcium from sticking together and forming lime scale on surfaces. As the water is now a better solvent, it is also capable of dissolving existing calcium deposits and reducing maintenance costs. The very small size of the transformed calcium particles prevents reverting to a hard (carbonate) form unless the water is heated to over 700 degrees, well out of the range of car wash applications. This technology is reliable and consistent. Lime scale is inhibited from forming on pumps, filters, pipes, nozzles and brushes. The effectiveness of soaps and detergents used for cleaning increases as much as 60%. Labor is reduced with the absence of lime scale deposits. Equipment of all types lasts longer.

Spot free rinsing creates a quality wash and return customers. This is true for both automatic tunnel and self-serve car washes. The Soo~Soft™ system makes it possible to reduce the costs of operating both salt based softeners and spot –free systems. In many cases it is possible to eliminate one or both systems. Water processed by salt softeners still contains large amounts of hard calcium crystals. This is because salt systems only remove a portion of the minerals in the water. Reverse osmosis and de-ionization systems will further reduce the amount of these crystals in the water. The cost of operation for these systems is high. R.O. membranes are expensive and force a large percentage of the water to be wasted in order to keep them clean. D.I. systems require powerful solvents to clean the media and are also expensive to operate. Calcium in water processed by a Soo~Soft system has a 4-micron particle size. This allows it to pass through all but the finest filters. In addition, it has a six times better ability to dissolve into water. This creates a uniform consistency to the water and reduces surface tension. Water is now “wetter.” This wetter water creates a “sheeting” character in the rinse water. Water runs off cleaned surfaces faster and in thinner sheets. The water has a uniform ability to rinse without spots created from hard mineral deposits. This effect is created by reduced surface tension. Water flows over surfaces without sticking to surfaces. As the water is now a better solvent, soap is removed more easily. This wetter water creates less streaking and spotting and spreads more evenly over surfaces in thinner sheets. This enhances drying and produces a better surface appearance and shine. Water can be conserved in the rinse, as less is required for “shiny clean” effect. DI & RO Filters DI and RO filters will last longer, use less water and require less frequent membrane replacements. Calcium fouling of filters is eliminated with water that dissolves all calcium deposits. A 4-micron particle size passes through all but the finest of filters and rinse completely from cars.

Our products come with a complete 6-month month money back guarantee and a full 5-year parts and labor warranty.

For further technical information visit or call (262) 325-6729

Phone: 262-325-6729
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