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Vendor Exhibits

This is a place for anyone selling car wash related services to list themselves and gain exposure through This area will remain free until Fall 2009, if you have selected vendor in your profile under "job" you will be able to create an exhibit.

"Blue Sky Image Group"

The Blue Sky Image Group is the car wash industry's full service marketing firm. We help car wash operators leverage the power of professional marketing efforts to significantly improve sales and net-profit at their sites. Blue Sky helps car wash operators with branding and strategy as well as media design including websites, signage and print.

"Kesseltronics Systems"

Kesseltronics produces a line of tunnel controllers that allow you to configure and monitor your cawash from any internet terminal in the world. The unit features advanced diagnostic software and sophisticated trouble shooting tools to minimize downtime when sensors fail. The software has advanced preventive maintenance capabilities instructing your staff what needs to be done daily. The rTC controller comes with detailed reporting that can be viewed online (password protected) or can be e-mailed to you. For more information goto: If you want a demonstration on how easy the unit is programmed give us a call and we will connect you to a unit somewhere in the world and review the power of the rTC, we will guarantee you will be impressed with it's simple and powerfull web interface.

'DataLube' POS & Management Software

Family owned & operated, 'DataLube' POS & Management Software was originally released in 1986 for the Quick Lube industry. Over the years, 'DataLube' developed into one of the most reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable Windows based application for the Auto Care industry. Today, 'DataLube' can be found operating in Quick Lubes, Tire Centers, Car Washes, Detail Centers, Full Service Mechanical, Muffler Shops, Towing Service, Parking Service & more. With networking(up to ten computers per site), and multiple facility management from a centralized location already built into the 'DataLube' software, expanding or growing your investment is no problem. With each invoice or receipt generated, 'DataLube' can provide you with over 100 reports, mailing labels, unlimited letters, graphics, inventory control, customer management, fleet management, vehicle management, employee management, vendor & purchasing management, sales management, tasks management, unlimited service notes, unlimited discounts - price levels - payment methods, split payments, reminders, thankyous, employee time clock, phone book, scheduler, journals, 'flash cards', and there's more. We don't SELL to anyone. Our job is to inform you of what we have, and if you like our product, we know you will purchase it. No weekly phone calls or mailings for you to feed your trash can! We are not the biggest software vendor, and we don't want to be; manageable growth = longevity. So, if you are Just "Tooling Up" or "Retooling", give us a call. History has proven that if WE are not the perfect software match for you, we WILL suggest another vendor that may be.

Alamo Wash Systems

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. Alamo Wash Systems is a proud distributor of Tommy Car Wash Systems. Tommy's 43 years makes them one of the largest car wash equipment manufactures. Alamo Wash Systems offers many things for commercial, municipal or industrial car washes. We can install complete new systems, offer replacement or upgraded equipment for existing locations. We have a complete line of top quality cost effective consumables. We take great pride in our company, and our commitment to our customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our products and services.

American Garage Door Supply Inc.

Serving the garage industry for over 20 years, American Garage Door Supply Inc. manufactures and distributes door and operator products designed specifically for carwashes. Products include; the Survivor Polycarbonate Carwash Doors, SupraLift, and NuMax Air-Powered Operators, Survivor Stainless Steel Hardware, Magnum Rollers, Daystar Infrared Radiant Heaters, Stainless Steel Entry Doors and other products designed for maximum performance in the tough wash conditions. AGDS also offers a full line of other door and operator systems, as well as a specialty, universal and brand name replacement products for your new, renovation or repair project. Committed to innovation, product quality, and customer satisfaction, AGDS distributes its’ products nationwide through it's experienced dealer network and direct to carwash owners. Order online today at

Annford Inc

Over 33 years manufacturing car care chemistry. Featuring Sling Free concentrated tire dressing. Dilute with water 10:1 for self-serve spray application. Dilute to suit for online automatic tire applicators. Contact us for detailed information.

Annford Inc

CARNAUBA GLAZE: WHAT IS IT? Carnauba Glaze is a new vehicle protectant designed to give the motorist more value from his car wash experience while saving the carwash operator time, money, and natural resources. HOW AND WHEN IS IT APPLIED DURING THE WASH PROCESS? Carnauba Glaze is applied through the existing triple, multi-colored foaming mechanism after the first high-pressure pass. One ounce of Carnauba Glaze is used per vehicle. HOW DOES CARNAUBA GLAZE SAVE MONEY AND NATURAL RESOURCES? Normally, an application of triple foam is followed by a high-pressure pass and an application of drying agent. Neither one is needed following an application of Carnauba Glaze. You save that time, chemical, and water usage. Carnauba Glaze was formulated to work with reclaim systems. Once foamed onto the vehicle, as the foam dissipates, it carries most of the reclaim water off of the vehicle so that the final spot free rinse will produce a spot free result. This happens quickly, as you can see in the video. WASH A VEHICLE WITH 5-6 GALLONS OF FRESH WATER. With Carnauba Glaze, the only fresh water needed is the application of your chemicals and spot free rinse. All high-pressure functions can be 100% reclaimed water. No other wash process can wash a vehicle with less fresh water. WASH MORE VEHICLES PER HOUR By eliminating the high pressure pass normally following triple foam, and eliminating the rinse/drying agent pass, you have saved 30% of the time required to wash a car. For those operators who are NOT interested in saving time, may we suggest another high-pressure pass prior to the application of Carnauba Glaze. If you are using reclaim water, the cost would be minimal. THE END RESULT IS SHINIER, DRIER VEHICLES AT A SUBSTANTIAL COST SAVINGS TO THE OPERATOR.

Auto Brite

Solutions for all your car wash needs. Since 1963, Auto Brite has been an industry leader in manufacturing car wash chemicals and supplies. Buy directly from the manufacturer and save money! We also carry a complete line of auto detail products and accessories. When purchased in larger quantities, our products can be manufactured and customized to meet your company's specifications, including uniquely customized pre-applied labels to best suit your branding strategy.

Auto Wash Design and Supply

Car Wash Construction and Supply We Sell: Building Plans Building Kits Ground Up Construction Equipment Pet Wash Buildings An Auto Wash Design building package is like starting a franchise without all of the headaches. We've done the hard part for you. From deciding what equipment to use to planning and building, we know what it takes to get you washing cars FAST! Chosing one of our building options could save you 10-12 months in planning alone. You'll be operational and seeing a profit much faster with our proven time saving methods. Whether your looking at the Express Tunnel business ,Self-Serve/In Bay, wash equipment or even a Pet Wash we have the building and equipment for you. Our expert team, not only knows the car wash business but, has over 40 years of commercial construction experience. From concept to completion, our second-generation builders have the knowledge, expertise and focus to make your project safe and successful. Time is money, so give us a call today and see how Auto Wash Design and Supply can build you a better car wash!

Autowash Solutions

With over 50 years of combined car wash experience, Autowash Solutions is a supplier of a complete line of car wash equipment. All of our equipment is sold at a wholesale pricing direct to end users and we provide complete turnkey services including installation and service. We sell our equipment in the United States and international markets. Our product line includes Chemical Dispensing boards; Chemical injector Pumps; Powder Coated Aluminum Foaming and Chemical Image Arches (available in different colors); Mitting Curtains, Top Brushes, Side Washers, Conveyors, Drying Systems and Foaming / Chemical Applicator products.

Banner Tool Srvice

Banner Tool Service repairs and sells electric tools, gas engines, pressure washers, portable generators, portable compressors and STIHL produts.

Beckerman & Company Insurance

Our multi-state insurance program provides comprehensive coverage at very competitive premiums. We will customize a program that meets your specific needs. Our agency has been providing insurance protection and customer satisfaction to numerous car wash and quick lube operators for over 20 years. Contact Mark Toriello at 800-339-1836 or


Brushcom, from the Netherlands, offers a full range of carwashbrushes. Cloth, Starfoam, MicroDry drying cloth for all machine brands and models. Brushcom also offers a full range of hog's haired brushes. Check our website! Roel Muskens, Brushcom

Bubble Wash Buildings

Bubble Wash is a pre-engineered carwash building made with high-grade structural aluminum and clear polycarbonate windows. This combination of materials and our registered service mark design provides owners with an economical building that guarantees exceptional durability and strength, exclusivity and around-the-clock security. The unique "dome" shape and see-through design attracts more customers and provides them with an open and safe environment. Bubble Wash accepts conveyor and in-bay automatic carwash systems and is ideal for gas stations, convenience stores and free-standing sites. Bubble Wash comes with a long list of standard features and optional accessories. The base building price includes mechanical drawings, engineer wet-stamp, materials, delivery and on-site assembly. Simple and fast construction process. Financing available. Bubble Wash Mini-Express is an integrated system that greatly speeds the development of a small-scale carwash project. Once the slab and utilities have been put in place, the building can be erected, equipment installed and washing vehicles in as little as 45 days. Mini-Express comes with a custom designed building, fully-automated mini-tunnel carwash system, site development and technical support. E-mail Visit our website at or contact our representative at (800) 279-3473.

Butler Capital

30 year old independent business lender specializing in the Car Care industry.

Button Square

I am a creative, dedicated and passionate designer that's crazy about colors and graphics. Not only I enjoy creating new custome buttons but I love revamping exiting one. I started creating graphics about 4 years ago. My first job as a graphics designer was 3 years ago when I used to work for a car wash. The need for custom buttons and a newer interface for autocashiers is very important to attract new and repeat customers. Providing excellent satisfaction is my number one priority.

Car Care Station

We Manufacture the new Car Care Station Vending machine. Backed by Zep products of Armorall, Rain-x , Black Magic , and Blue Coral Brands. Offer your clients the opportunity to spray on products with ease at your self serve or express side as the only thing we see is a free vacuum and there is more money for you than offering just a free service. Let us show you how.

Car Wash Outfitters, LLC

Our Mission at Car Wash Outfitters is the continual development and marketing of our specialized eccoWASH brand for the transportation industry. We want to be a partner of impact in your business, adding value to all aspects of your car care operation with special regards to customer service and guaranteed products. We are leading the way to a new generation of surfactant technologies to build a more clean and more dry product, while emphasizing employee/ environmental safety. Seeing is believing. For more information on how to become an authorized eccoWASH Car Care distributor contact Stephan Turner at

Car Wash Profits

Car Wash Profits is an expertise driven training program for car wash owners designed from the ground up to provide a practical, hands on, interactive learning experience that will help car wash owners turn their ordinary car washes into extraordinary businesses.

33 years engineering hydraulic systems the last 10 in the car wash industry, we are very excited to be a part of this industry. We are bringing a fresh new look at an old problem. "making the hydraulics in your car wash work for you and not you working for it.!!! Give us a call to have us quote on your next hydraulic system.

Cat Pumps

Cat Pumps supplies industrial quality high-pressure pumps and systems designed for long-life performance and ease of maintenance. Piston and plunger pump models are available for pressure ratings from 100 to 10,000 psi (7 to 689 bar) and flow rates to 240 gpm (908 lpm). Applications range from vehicle cleaning, cooling/misting, water treatment, commercial cleaning, oil & gas, and manufacturing. Cat Pumps also designs and builds custom pumping systems and offers a broad range of system accessories. Building on over 45 years of industrial experience and a global distribution network, Cat Pumps is the pump of choice for high-pressure applications.

CATEC Water Recovery & Ozone Systems

Reduce water and sewer bills by 70%-90%. CATEC designs and manufacturer's Water Reclaim Systems, Ozone Generators and Reverse Osmosis (Spot Free) Systems. Performance Guaranteed, Odor Control Guaranteed, Five-Year Warranty! Give us a call to see if reclaim is right for you!

ChemQuest, Inc.

We have built our company around developing car wash chemical products and services to help vehicle washes and car wash equipment sales/service organizations operate more efficiently and to make more money. ChemQuest, Inc. produces a full line of professional grade car wash products for all types of friction and frictionless carwashes, including: Full Service Carwash Conveyors Touchless Automatic Car Washes Self-Serve Car Washes Express Tunnel Car Washes Friction Roll-over Car Washes Truck Washes ChemQuest, Inc. has products for all types of operators and price points. With our Concentrates Made ez program, we optimize shipping and backroom space requirements. ChemQuest, Inc. is located in Lakeville, MN just 20 minutes south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Clean World Distribution, Inc.

For the past 15 years we have been dedicated to the innovative design and technology of developing superior mat cleaning systems. Our dedication to manufacturing superior mat cleaners has brought us worldwide recognition. Our mat cleaners are currently operating in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe. The quality and effectiveness of our mat cleaners have been improved over the years to meet the demands of our customers in order to better meet their needs. We value our working relationships with our new and returning customers, which is why we are devoted to bringing quality equipment to those who need it. <a href=";current=CWD_Full.jpg"><img src="" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Commercial Loan Solutions

Commercial Loan Solutions specializes in providing business financing options to small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States. We offer a wide variety of funding options to meet the needs of today's diverse business community. We understand that business owners have varied credit profiles and therefore offer funding solutions based primarily on your company's monthly revenue and cash flow. Discover the simplicity behind applying for small business loans and other business funding options.

Con-Serv Manufacturing

Mission Statement: Con-Serv Manufacturing will strive to be the best provider in products and services for water treatment by treating customers in a fair and honest way. We will remind ourselves daily of our commitment to Quality and Design. Our legacy will be to the Environment and Saving the World’s Water. About us: Con-Serv Manufacturing has been located in Lakeland, Florida for over 30 years manufacturing leading edge Technology for Water Reclaim and Recovery. Originally concentrating on the Car Wash Industry, Con-Serv Manufacturing has pioneered durable, quality and cost effective equipment for the recovery of wash water. With 1000’s of installations Con-Serv Customers have recovered and Re-Used Millions of gallons of water.

Crown Equipment and Distribution

Crown Car Wash Inc., has been in business for over 20 years with two locations. We have a full serve with bays and an eight bay self serve. We also sell chemicals and equipment. Crown is a distributor for Tire Shine and other soap and wax products. Crown has also developed and is marketing a Coin Operated Tire Shine machine for self serves (see inserted picture). An Express Detail Tire Shine machine (for employee use) is also manufactured. The express machine can have multiple drop hoses from one machine ! Pricing for the coin-op unit (as in the picture)We also market an Express machine for finishing areas at the back end of tunnels. We can provide custom color schemes (domes, hoses, brush, graphics as requested) Also, every car wash has vacuums that are not used a frequently as others or perhaps an operator has a vacuum that he is thinking of removing. Why not convert the vacuum to a coin-op tire shine machine. CONVERSION KITS ARE ALSO SOLD FOR VACUUMS FOR AS LITTLE AS $750. Contact Joe DeNardis, e-mail: for further information. Visit my website: . We are looking for distributors to market the tire shine machine.

Custom Carwash Services

Independent contractor for service on all car wash equipment and a chemical distributor for North and South Carolina.

Custom Upfits

Custom Upfits specializes in fabrication, lighting, and commercial vehicle upfitting. Our Auto Detail Light Arrays are the best in the business, providing accurate color and bright light all in a durable and portable frame.

D&D International

We are a New York based company that specializes in importing and distribution of air fresheners and desk organizers. Exclusively the Harmonija line products. We provide our services across the United States. Our company represents first line of the companies in this field. We are part of a larger chain that covers North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia. We provide products for car washes, gas stations hardware stores and department stores. We are committed to provide safe and environmentally friendly products.

Dafna Automotive Specialties

Why buy from Dafna? Dafna's parent company has been manufacturing quality products for the conveyor car wash industry since 1950 - OVER 60 years! Now those same successful products used at your local car wash are available to you to wash your own vehicles. All products are formulated and manufactured at our own plant in Linden, NJ and have been extensively used successfully on hundreds of thousands of vehicles over long periods of time. Yes! Hundreds of Thousands!!! Dafna Automotive Specialties is an internet-only manufacturer and supplier of high quality vehicle washing and detailing products. Each product is manufactured not only for the professional, but with the home detailer in mind too - safe, easy to use, and of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on offering excellent value and service. FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $40 WE NOW ACCEPT PAYPAL!! FOR QUALIFIED RESELLER DISCOUNTS PLEASE CONTACT DAFNA VIA EMAIL.

DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems

DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems is the leading manufacturer of express and full service auto detailing systems engineered for automatic car wash operators, auto dealers and detailing businesses. They also provide on-site training, chemicals and supplies. In addition, DETAIL PLUS offers a full line of cosmetic car care systems, including: Paintless Dent Repair; Paint Touchup; Carpet Dying; Windshield Chip Repair; Interior Repair and Gold Plating. The AUTOMAT and AIRMAT are mat cleaning systems that DETAIL PLUS offers to car wash operators; rental agencies; and quick lubes for fast and efficient cleaning, shampooing and drying of floor mats.

Discount Car Care Products

Discount Car Care Products provides the highest quality detailing equipment, chemicals, and supplies at the most competitive prices. DCCP offers quantity discounts on the website for maximum savings on the items that are purchased the most. - Castle Glass Cleaner - Compounds, Polishes, and Waxes - Clay Bars - Detail Brushes, Chamois, Squeegees, and Microfiber Towels - Pet Hair Remover Rocks - Carpet, Vinyl, and Plastic Dyes - Upholstery Burn Repair Kits

DRB Systems, Inc.

DRB Systems, Inc. produces computer solutions for the car wash and quick lube industries. Our point of service (POS) system offers loyalty promotion, customer tracking, ticket book control, prepaid cards and an automatic recharge module. Our portable touchscreen terminals, Xpress Pay Terminals and touchscreen cash registers work for you to increase car counts, increase revenue per car and reduce labor.

Evolution Dog Wash Company

The Evolution is recognized as the gold standard in the self serve dog wash industry. Each Evolution system is built by hand with the specifications of each client. Since the dog wash system is manufactured in the United States, it can be shipped to your business quickly. Replacement parts and repairs can also be made fast. While other dog wash companies claim to have great products and knowledge, the Evolution Dog Wash Company is the only self serve dog wash company whose sole mission is to provide the best quality dog wash along with providing the most qualified and informed team of experts. While other companies offer a dog wash as part of their business, the only purpose of the Evolution Dog Wash Company is to provide the best self-serve dog wash in the world. It is able to provide the owner of the dog wash information that has never been available to them until now. It can offer a series of screens through very sophisticated technology that allows the owner to interact with their dog wash from anywhere in the world, providing financial, mechanical and diagnostic data only through an Internet connection. The Car Wash Industry is the perfect synergy for our product. Bring your Dirty Car and Dog to get cleaned at the same time. We currently have hundreds of car wash owners that have purchased the Evolution Dog Wash in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Extreme Choice Products

Extreme Choice Products is an Iowa-based company that specializes in the design and manufacture of revenue generating vacuums, detailing equipment and tire inflation equipment for the car wash and convenience store markets, as well as industrial vacuum equipment for the fleet maintenance detail industry. Our products include the EZ VAC Vacuum & Detailing and EZ AIR Tire Inflation Equipment lines which offer a number of new and innovative design features that provide maximum security, durability, easy installation, and better serviceability. Our products are for value-minded owners, operators, and managers seeking uncomplicated and effortless operation, minimal maintenance, yet dependable and theft-resistant equipment. The EZ VAC Vacuums and Combination Equipment feature a theft-resistant, high-security locking door and a unique mounting system bracket that greatly simplifies and streamlines installation. Visit our web site or call us to find out more about our products.

Gallop Brush Co.

LEADING INNOVATORS OF CLOTH AND FOAM BRUSHES FOR THE CAR WASH INDUSTRY At Gallop Brush Company, LLC. our products are designed to enhance the quality and satisfaction of every carwash customer we supply. Specifically, we aim to enhance your carwash operations by offering seamless end user installations and continual product improvements. Plus, we offer the guaranteed highest quality cloth and foam brush replacement available on the market today. You can trust Gallop Brush to always be one of the carwash industry’s leading innovators of cloth and foam brush replacement, and your most reliable resource. Gallop Brush was founded in 2000. We combined our more than 45 years of industry experience with great ideas for improving the carwash industry; improving the products, and the way things were done. We started by reducing the time a carwash had to shut down production to install and replace brushes. Only an industry insider could make such innovations! At Gallop Brush, we also follow up with quality customer service after each sale and replacement. We work closely with every customer to solve problems and meet the needs of every company, whether a small independent operator or a large OEM. You can contact Gallop Brush anytime to discuss our full line of superior products and innovative installation techniques. We promise you great customer service always, coupled with a work-hard attitude that we know carwash industry insiders can appreciate.

Genesys Technologies (CryptoPay)

Genesys Technologies is the manufacturer of the CryptoPay Wireless Credit Card System. CryptoPay is an innovative payment solution providing affordable card processing equipment, wholesale processing fees and the highest level of credit card security in the industry providing End-to-End encryption from the point of credit card swipe contact through payment processing.


Hitecnico well designed 150W LED High Bay Light of dust tight and waterproof grade IP66 is good for Car Wash bay lighting. One more highlighted feature is high CRI (Color Rendering Index) Ra>90, this is top level to render the colors of cars very close to the true colors. And we use shatter-proof plastic cover which is hundreds of times stronger than glass, withstand water jet direct washing pressure.

Hydro-Spray Wash Systems Inc

Hydrospray is dedicated to the success of our customers. We feel that by educating new and existing operators prior to their initial investment, we optimize their chance of that investment being profitable. From site selection to washing their first car Hydrospray will be there with a solution. We offer a full line of Touchfree, Soft Touch Automatics, Self Serve Equipmnet, parts, service, and full line of detergents and biodegradable chemicals "bioclean". 800-528-5733 * * * contact us

Hydro-Spray Wash Systems Inc.

It is our mission here at Hydro-Spray to exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction. We also provide turn-key solutions through custom design, manufacturing, installation and support of washing systems. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for any of our customers.

Integrated Services, Inc

Provider of industry leading car care software including the WashSoft Point of Sale system, and the nations most used fast lube point of sale system, LubeSoft. We also provide the award winning WashTEC rTC tunnel controller.



Jim Coleman Hanna (booth click here)

Jim Coleman Company is the industry's complete automatic car wash equipment manufacture. For over 40 years we have been a leader in car wash technology and innovations. Our ever-changing car wash equipment product line continues to provide entrepreneurs with the right car wash equipment for a successful venture. The high quality car wash equipment necessary to achieve the maximum income potential for your car wash business is here at Jim Coleman Company. Click on "Coleman Hanna" for some of our products

Jobe Industries Inc

Jobe knows car washing! Established in 1950, our extensive research and many years of experience have enabled us to focus on formulating quality products consistently. This, in turn, allows our customers to get the cleanest and brightest vehicles that money can buy. We strive for quality products and service with economy in mind. We believe you deserve no less! We are family! Jobe is a family owned and operated company. In these days of corporate mass produced mega stores and carbon copy attempts to simulate the service of a mom and pop company, Jobe is the real thing. Our families involvement in all aspects of our operation coupled with over 50 years of experience allows you to deal with people who really know the car washing business - without the corporate razzle dazzle. The Bottom Line Very Simply - We manufacture products of consistently high quality at an economical price coupled with service that is second to none.


Yes, it's true we offer cleaners, detergents and solvents to help make the dirtiest job a lot easier, but quality products aren't the only way we help keep America looking beautiful! At LRP, we take it one step further by maintaining the highest degree of control in our manufacturing process ensuring that we help protect and clean the environment as well! Distributorships Due to high demand, LRP is currently seeking distributorships nationwide to handle our line of products. Whether you want private labeling or inventory with LRP's recognized brand, we will provide your business with the product it needs to meet the demands of your customers.

Lustra Professional Car Care Products

Lustra™ Professional Car Care Products, a division of Cleaning Systems, Inc., is the car wash industry’s leading provider of cleaning and protection solutions. Lustra provides advanced chemistry with a focus on safety and the environment, and leads with high quality and innovative products like the Ultraflex® System of products and equipment. With exceptional service and creative marketing, you can position your car wash to provide great value. Lustra’s global network of distributors provides local support when you need it.

Mark VII Equipment

______________________________________________________________________ GERMAN AND AMERICAN ENGINEERING, MADE IN THE USA: Based in Arvada, Colorado, Mark VII is the North American subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the world's largest manufacturer of vehicle cleaning systems. Founded in 1966, Mark VII has spent almost five decades developing innovative technology for high-quality, cost-effective cleaning of vehicles. Following its acquisition by WashTec in 2006, Mark VII completely refreshed its product portfolio and upgraded its manufacturing facilities to provide customers with state-of-the-art carwash technology while lowering their operating costs and improving their ROI. ______________________________________________________________________ THE EXPERTISE OF A MARKET LEADER: WashTec/Mark VII offers customers a breadth of experience and focus on the carwash business that no competitor can match: - Over 3x40 years of experience developing carwash equipment. - 2011 revenue of 293.3m euros. - The only publicly traded company 100% focused on carwash. - Over 1,600 employees worldwide. - Direct subsidiaries and distributors in over 60 countries. - Over twice the market share of our nearest competitor. - Over 35,000 carwash systems operating worldwide. - Over 2 million vehicles cleaned every day using our equipment. - World-class competency in the development, production, maintenance and operation of innovative washing technology. ______________________________________________________________________ COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT LINE: Mark VII offers a complete range of products designed specifically for the North America: - Soft-touch, touch-free and hybrid gantry rollovers - Touch-free overhead-mounted "inverted L" - Simple, easy-to-maintain and reliable tunnel equipment - Compact, state-of-the-art self-serve systems - Ancillary products to complete your carwash - Financing partners for your equipment - Premium and value lines of chemicals - Fast and efficient customer service - Marketing support ______________________________________________________________________ CONSISTENT FOCUS ON CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS Different companies have different needs. We continually reassess our products and services to ensure they match the specific requirements of each customer segment. Our customers include companies from the following sectors: - Global petroleum companies - National convenience store chains - Regional gas/c-store chains - Single store and independent carwash operators - Auto manufacturers, dealers and rental agencies - Supermarket chains and big box retailers ______________________________________________________________________ FACTORY-TRAINED SERVICE & SUPPORT: Our equipment is only part of the story. Over 150 direct service technicians and 20 Authorized Distributors provide our customers with top quality service to ensure they maximize revenue from their carwash investments. As an equipment supplier and service provider to numerous national accounts and thousands of independent carwash operators across the US and Canada, Mark VII is committed to achieving average up-time of 98%+ for our customers.

Mazzarella Car Care Systems, LLC (MCCS)

We research and develop bio-degradable, environmentally friendly chemicals and transform them into professional grade automobile appearance products that help auto enthusiasts and people who are into their vehicles get better results faster from the time spent cleaning & waxing cars. "I am redefining what is done with bio-degradable and environmentally friendly automobile appearance products development and also the way I approach business." David J. Mazzarella ~ President/CEO


Hydraulic Pumps, Motors and Valves. Stocking all styles of Char-Lynn and interchanges for Saur Danfoss, White, Parker, Prince, Danfoss, and TRW Locations in Michigan, Tennessee, Nevada, California, Toronto CN, and South Carolina

Micrologic Associates

Micrologic Associates is a leader in the sales, installation, service, and support of Point of Sale systems, Controllers and Auto Payment Machines for Car Washes and Quick Lube facilities. We provide easy to use solutions ranging from wireless hand held devices, conventional touch screen point of sale computers and controllers tailored to your specific requirements. Our systems provide Cash Management, Instant Credit clearing (to any processor), Labor management, VIP/ Fleet Management, Customer Tracking, as well as Unlimited Wash Program in the base software package. These systems can interface with most tunnel controllers available today and offer the ability to replicate the data from multiple sites for consolidated reporting and transferring of customer information. In addition, we offer our Web application for Management control. From any Web browser you can view live data, run reports, check time card activity and modify services. Additionally, we offer an RFID solution for Rollover and Tunnel applications. This system can work with any Entry Machine and offers “Unlimited Wash” functionality with Credit Card on File. We also can supply Credit Card Systems for Self Service Bays. Our system can be installed on the existing coin boxes and can be programmed to Count Up or Count Down. With our Gift Card Dispenser / Recharger station, customer can purchase and recharge a card. Credit Card customer can also use this machine to print a receipt from the bay.

Northeast Car Wash Solutions

Northeast Car Wash Solutions is a distributor of car wash equipment and chemicals servicing the northeast region: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. We also provide car wash maintenance and repair on a scheduled or as needed basis. We offer competitive monthly maintenance plans that are customized to your site. WHY YOU SHOULD BE DOING BUSINESS WITH US •We have 35 years of industry experience from building car wash sites from the ground up to troubleshooting and servicing equipment. •We represent a variety of quality equipment manufacturers to accommodate customer needs and budgets. •We specialize in private investor projects, large and small, and offer a custom tailored business plan from site planning through marketing once the site is open. We even provide MEP drawings and assistance with obtaining permits. •Our technical know-how is second to none. We often fix equipment problems that have stumped car wash operators and technicians for years. •Check out our "Products" page and see why we are... THE ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR ALL YOUR CAR WASH NEEDS If you have an existing car wash or are planning one, we would like to hear from you. Please call us at 610-730-4418 or send us an email at

Performance Chemicals

Performance Chemicals is a specialty chemical company serving industry with a wide range of products to meet your specific requirements. Our mission is to rapidly respond to your specific product and service requirements with quality products, customer value and on-time delivery while being environmentally conscious. Quality Policy: Performance Chemicals is committed to continuously achieve rapid response to customer product and delivery needs. Wash Perfect is our new product on the market that we have been selling to our regular customers and new ones. This product is great for use with all car washes or washing by hand. It has amazing sheeting properties, leaving your vehicle spot free, with or with out a car wash dryer. Cars are left spot and streak free, looking shiny. This product is very cost efficient at $250.00 for a 55 gallon drum. All our products can be customized for you with fragrance and color. Also check out our website for our Tire Perfect GOC(Goes On Clear) at $459.00 for a 55 gallon drum. FREE SAMPLES UPON REQUEST!!! Call Matt Brock at 603-520-3573

Polar Freeze Guard Systems LLC

The Polar Freeze Guard System is the ultimate solution to the age old problem of freeze ups in self-serve or in-bay automatic systems. The system allows uninterrupted service by way of a unique patented(U.S.#5746240 CAN.#2218566) automatic line purging system, eliminating the need for continuous weep water. This cost effective purge process is triggered by way of a precise temperature sensing device, which activates the freeze guard system only at such time when potentially damaging weather condition exist.

Poly Pro Systems of America, Inc.

The Wobblehead Foam Brush Handle is gaining momentum in sales and uses around the country and even in Europe. Operators are overcoming their skepticism of "can there really be a product that will stop the foam brush misuse and abuse?" Will the product hold up in the environment and use that a SS car wash is? The answers are a resounding yes. Why, because The Wobblehead is researched, designed, tested and time proven before it was ever put on the market. Thirty six months to be sure. This is a product designed with integrity to withstand the harsh environment and become the silent attendant in the bay. If you want to use me, then pay for that use.

Premier Touchless Drying Systems

Premier Touchless Drying Systems of Merrill Wisconsin manufactures custom drying systems for OEM's and Distributers all over the world. We take pride in our custom systems suit to fit many industries, specializing in the car wash needs. We at Premier manufacture everything from start to finish at our location. Premier also offers lit signs and graphics, Precision Laser Cutting, a complete line of Vacuums and Self Serve Hand Dryers. Our focus is quality and service with no strings attached.

Proto-Vest Inc.

Wasting money on electricity is the same as throwing it away! Proto-Vest's automotive dryers save energy to save you money and increase your bottom line profit. We offer unparallel application possibilities for automotive drying with models that are engineered for conveyor, automatic/rollover and self serve carwashes applications. We carry stand alone and compact modular designs in either touch-less or light touch systems, with pinpoint drying capabilities. In addition, Proto-Vest provides custom engineering to construct drying systems for clients with specific requirements. Call today and see what Proto-Vest can do for you!

REIN, co.

Hello Everyone, We are a car care product manufacturer company. We have waterless car wash, carnauba wax, R.P.V, Leather care, Interior cleaner and glass cleaner. We are a family working to bring car care products to our community that are eco friendly and with the mentality in mind of conserving water and our natural resources.


In 1968 the company introduced its line of car wash pit-cleaner machines. These machines allow the operator to easily and efficiently clean out sediment collection pits in car wash bays. Ring-O-Matic’s pit-cleaners have become the car wash industry standard. Our Iowa location takes advantage of the widely admired Midwest work ethic and commitment to honest values. This centralized location also allows good access to all of North America as well as efficient routes to shipping ports for our overseas customers.

SAS - Solution Application Systems

SASâ„¢ Solution Application Systems is a division of Cleaning Systems Inc. The SASâ„¢ division was created to fill the need for more precise chemical application, metering and monitoring systems in the transportation industry. Advanced chemical application systems are beneficial in accurate chemical metering, reducing costs and providing a greater customer experience.

Savona Self Serve Carwash

High sophisticated Self Serve Carwash Equipment manufacturer from The Netherlands for more then 40 years.

Scotch Plaid Chemicals

A family-owned chemical manufacturer since 1953, offering a full line of superior vehicle care, industrial and janitorial products. Our large manufacturing facility conveniently located in Dallas, TX allows us to efficiently serve our customers throughout the US. Sixty-plus years of experience coupled with cutting edge innovations developed in our state-of-the-art onsite laboratory allow us to provide each industry we serve with the solutions they seek.

Service Writer Crayons

The serviceWriter crayon enables you to leave your mark on any glass, window, or smooth surface. The best part is that it can be wiped away just as easy as it went on. Designed for Car Wash and Detail Centers, Rental Car Lots, Auto Auctions, Tow Trucks/Yards, Auto Service Centers, and more. Communicate services and information by writing directly on windshields or windows using the Service Writer Crayon. It is highly visible and erasable. The thick, yellow industrial crayon writes easily on any glass surface and washes away with ease.

Shenzhen Hitec Lighting Co., Ltd

HTI LED is a professional manufacturer and exporter of LED lighting products, recently we launched unique LED High Bay Light which is very good solution for car wash bay lighting.


Industry leading chemical manufacturer.

Simoniz USA Inc.

The leader in automotive appearance care products since 1911. Simoniz(r)USA Inc. operates our own manufacturing facility and distribution center using the highest quality materials to make the highest quality chemicals and solutions. We are a provider of carwash and detailing products, training, marketing and support for carwashes, detail centers and new vehicle dealerships. Simoniz(r) has been the leader in developing high profit on-line and off-line solutions and services, from our first of its kind Simoniz(r) Tire Shiner(tm) on-line dressing applicator to Simoniz(r) Double Bond(tm) with Teflon(tm) on-line sealant with the first ever rebate/guarantee, Simoniz has your bottom line in mind. Contact Simoniz(r) USA Inc. for more information on how we can help you elevate your wash, detail shop or both with our easy to implement and proven successful offerings! Now that's the SIMONIZ(r) difference!

SKS Enterprises

SKS Enterprises specializes in the distribution of the Soo-Soft Digital Electronic Descaler & Water Softener Eliminate Calcium Fouling Create Spot-Free Rinse Extend Equipment Life Reduce Detergent Use Eliminate Salt Use By using Soo-Soft™ digital technology, you can reliably soften water without salt or chemicals. Instead of removing calcium from the water, it is converted into a soft form called calcium aragonite. This form has a particle size of 4 microns with the consistancy of fine talcum powder. Water treated this way is a much better solvent. This treatment also changes the electrical charge of the water, preventing the particles of calcium from sticking together and forming lime scale on surfaces. As the water is now a better solvent, it is also capable of dissolving existing calcium deposits and reducing maintenance costs. The very small size of the transformed calcium particles prevents reverting to a hard (carbonate) form unless the water is heated to over 700 degrees, well out of the range of car wash applications. This technology is reliable and consistent. Lime scale is inhibited from forming on pumps, filters, pipes, nozzles and brushes. The effectiveness of soaps and detergents used for cleaning increases as much as 60%. Labor is reduced with the absence of lime scale deposits. Equipment of all types lasts longer. Spot free rinsing creates a quality wash and return customers. This is true for both automatic tunnel and self-serve car washes. The Soo~Soft™ system makes it possible to reduce the costs of operating both salt based softeners and spot –free systems. In many cases it is possible to eliminate one or both systems. Water processed by salt softeners still contains large amounts of hard calcium crystals. This is because salt systems only remove a portion of the minerals in the water. Reverse osmosis and de-ionization systems will further reduce the amount of these crystals in the water. The cost of operation for these systems is high. R.O. membranes are expensive and force a large percentage of the water to be wasted in order to keep them clean. D.I. systems require powerful solvents to clean the media and are also expensive to operate. Calcium in water processed by a Soo~Soft system has a 4-micron particle size. This allows it to pass through all but the finest filters. In addition, it has a six times better ability to dissolve into water. This creates a uniform consistency to the water and reduces surface tension. Water is now “wetter.” This wetter water creates a “sheeting” character in the rinse water. Water runs off cleaned surfaces faster and in thinner sheets. The water has a uniform ability to rinse without spots created from hard mineral deposits. This effect is created by reduced surface tension. Water flows over surfaces without sticking to surfaces. As the water is now a better solvent, soap is removed more easily. This wetter water creates less streaking and spotting and spreads more evenly over surfaces in thinner sheets. This enhances drying and produces a better surface appearance and shine. Water can be conserved in the rinse, as less is required for “shiny clean” effect. DI & RO Filters DI and RO filters will last longer, use less water and require less frequent membrane replacements. Calcium fouling of filters is eliminated with water that dissolves all calcium deposits. A 4-micron particle size passes through all but the finest of filters and rinse completely from cars. Our products come with a complete 6-month month money back guarantee and a full 5-year parts and labor warranty. For further technical information visit or call (262) 325-6729

Sling Free Tire Shine (click here)

30% silicon by volume in a emulsion that does not run off. That does two things: keeps your drive cleaner and makes your customers happier with no sling back. ONLY $10/gallon plus FOB from PA. You can't beat the price. email for more info

Slipstream Automotive

Slipstream is a leading manufacturer of high quality car cleaning products, based in Queensland, Australia. Slipstream is known for offering only the absolute BEST car cleaning products available on the market today with over half of the car dealerships in Australia using our products. Slipstream automotive products have been specifically designed to suit the harsh Australian climate by repelling dirt and contaminants in the atmosphere, and keeps your vehicle glossy with a showroom finish! For more information on our full tunnel line and detail products, visit us at

SONNY'S The Car Wash Factory

SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory is the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies in the world. Whether you need a complete tunnel or one of over 14,000 inventoried replacement parts for 11 OEM brands of car wash equipment, chances are SONNY’S has it in stock for same day shipment. Last year alone, SONNY’S delivered 13,344 pages of site-specific drawings for 471 Express-Exterior, Flex-Serve, Full-Serve, In-Bay Automatic, and Fleet car wash projects. Washing cars since 1949, SONNY’S delivers the expertise to streamline your car wash project and offers the necessary support before, during, and after construction to make car washing easy. Learn more at where you can quote a carwash, watch over 15 hours of training video, and order free catalogs designed to make car washing easy.

Super Sign Factory

Super Sign Factory is America's #1 Supplier of unique outdoor advertising products for the car wash industry! We offer the widest selection of Air Dancers, Custom Lettered Air Dancers, Gorilla Robots, Feather Flags and Custom Inflatables. We sell only the highest quality products at the lowest prices, with hundreds of products in stock and ready to ship to today <a href="">Super Sign Factory</a>

Tech1st Wash Systems

Our multi-site mobile payment system integrates with self-serve car wash bays, vacuums, vending machines, automatic tellers and any pet wash. Stand out from the crowd. Increase brand awareness with an android and iOS smartphone app that custom designed for your location. That's right! You're not just joining a generic app like the other guys. Your smartphone app will promote your brand and your car wash!

The Cobra System

Even as a kid I was always fascinated about all the stuff that goes on in a carwash. So 12 years ago I entered into the business. I designed, built , and have been operating a flex express carwash and full service detail shop for the last 12 years. But before I got involved with the car wash industry I was a machinist for 25 years. So for the first few years I was learning about the business and the biggest most important thing I learned was getting rid of labor and still accomplishing better quality with equipment. I started to hear more and more about heating chemical at the point of application. So 7 years ago I began to target one of the most difficult areas to clean which I'm sure operators know are wheels. After 3 years of prototypes I designed a heated C.T.A. (chemical tire applicator) called "The Cobra System." The Cobra System is nationally and worldly recognized by manufactures and operators that this is the best way to get wheels & tires clean without labor and abrasion. Since I no longer stop and prep the wheels and tires manually I have increased my cars per hour 20 to 30 percent with better results along with eliminating 2 to 4 employees that used to prep wheels and tires. So the bottom line is as operators are now more than ever realizing the importance of heating tire and wheel chemicals. The Cobra System was engineered and scientifically proven to give your chemicals that heated 1-2 punch for the best results possible with the chemicals you're using. Specifically designed and constructed of 100 percent stainless steel it will outlast any equipment in your tunnel. The air induced foaming Vee -Jet nozzle with precise "Spray like a Cobra" action, allows you and your customers to see “Action in Cleaning” immediately! FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE AND VIDEO SO YOU WILL BE BETTER INFORMED ON WHAT THE COBRA SYSTEM CAN DO FOR YOU!!!!

The Insurancenter

The Insurancenter's nationwide carwash insurance program, started in 1986, is underwritten by an A rated carrier, offering longevity, financial strength and stability. Our professionals average 23 years of insurance experience and have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the carwash industry. We offer coverage for full-serves, self-serves and exterior-only washes—including profit centers! Get a quote today. Call 800-444-8675 or visit to submit an application online.


TSS is your one stop shop for car wash signs and arches. Whether you are a car wash owner, equipment manufacturer, or company representative in the field, our signs could be the most significant partner in your quest for a very profitable, easy to operate car wash. Our signs direct traffic, sell your services, answer questions, generate excitement, and enhance your car wash’s image. U.S Sign Council studies show that impressive and correctly located signs can double the value of your business and provide the fastest return on your investment. In partner with our new catalogue we invite you to stop by our new website, There you can view our entire catalogue and receive the latest updates on our products.

Vehicle Wash Systems, Inc.

Vehicle Wash Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of compact conveyorized systems and drive-thru car wash systems. All systems are constructed of stainless steel and carry a lifetime structrual guarantee. Our SUPERIOR Systems features the "Awesome" Tire Shimer along with Mitters, Wraps, Rockers, Underwash, Polish Wax, Sealer Wax and a 45 H.P. Dryer. All of this equipment fits in a 30 ft. building with a 45 ft. conveyor, and can wash up to 50 cars per hour. Washngo Systems are constructed of stainless steel, and our free standing units range from 60 - 150 ft. conveyor systems.

Washalia S.L.

Washalia is a company dedicated to the development of innovative car(mats)-washing systems. Our aim is to offer efficiency through time and money savers. Our brackets allow a perfect wash of your car mats ( in only 40 seconds ), dry and ventilation without using any electricity. Provide your workers with an effective tool that will help them become more productive and decrease the risk of injuries. Help the environment ( and your profits) by using less electricity. Forget about maintenance costs. Simple to handle: suitable for professional and domestic use. Better service: forget about bad smells from excess water and remaining dirt; no longer will they be dragged into your customers vehicle. Check out our website to see all our products.


Washway is dedicated to car wash and detail professionals. We carry professional grade products at competitive prices by the unit or quantity discounts. Products from brand name companies that manufacture: applicators, sponges, washpads, brushes, bottles, sprayers, detail carts, towel baskets, polishing pads, clay, steelwool, masking tape, polishers, extractors, parts,detail kits, paper floor mats, seatcovers, safety equipment, limit switches, magnetic switches, wands, magnet assemblies, terry towels, micro fiber, air pumps, high pressure pumps, vee jets and much more...

winnsen industry

Winnsen Industry, as leading supplier for security solution and self-service equipments, product range covers from phone charging station, digital door viewer, network digital signage, Kiosk, touch screen all-in-one PC, outdoor high brightness waterproof display, LED Light box, electronic display rack and locker. With the ability to offer you one-stop service, Winnsen will provide you designing, value-added assembling, custom packaging, various surface finishing and related software according to different demands.