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Vending machines: $100 Looking to buy 1 or 3 column mechanical vending machine. Call John at 731-334-9669
Pit cleaner wanted!!: $1 Looking to buy a good used pit cleaner. Please call 337-208-1618
ISO Lasernet System & CW1541 : $1 Hello, Looking to do some year end updates. I am in search of a Lasernet system(like new) for my LW4000 and a CW1541 pump in excellent condition. Shoot me an email if you have anything. Price, pics and condition. Thanks!
Dog Wash Equipment: $9000 I am closing my two dog wash bays and selling all equipment. This equipment is about 4 years old and is like brand new. Keep in mind this is all self-serve. Generate $500-$1500 a month with very little work (clean-up each day). All this equipment sells new for around $18,000+ when you include hot water tank shampoo, supplies, credit card swipes, etc.. I am selling for $9,000. All equipment including stainless steel tubs, coin boxes with bill acceptors, Dixmor timers and Eport credit card swipes. Also, has fur exctractors and professional grooming blowers, and all the other services (10 selection) rotary switches. All you need to do is plumb water and electric to your location and your making extra cash. You can come see it up and running. It was manufactured by one of the leaders in this type of equipment, National Pride.
Jim Coleman Water Wizards: $5000 I have two Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0's that were installed August 2004. YOU ARE BIDDING ON ONE but can contact me for the other if you are interested in both. The wash counts are 123890 and 111895. They were both in good working order and making money as of September 30th 2014. I maintained the machines through January 2014 when I sold the wash. Part of the deal when selling the wash was that I would keep the equipment if I uninstalled. I took everything out to have two complete automatics. Many of the components are new on the machines. If you never saw a Jim Coleman Water Wizard in action it puts on quite a show. Presoak, undercarriage blaster, tire cleaner, triple foam (awesome!), clear coat protectant, ON-BOARD DRYERS! This comes with everything! Guide rails, rails for gantry, treadle plate, boom arms. This wash was very successful, typically generating more than $300k a year. I also have older Mark VII self serve equipment you can buy if you're doing a total wash renovation. The skins on these machines are pretty good but not perfect with some small dings and scratches. The cat pump oil was changed every year on the pump stands. If you have an older wash and want to upgrade to a kick-ass machine you will not go wrong at my low reserve price. If you buy both you can swap out machines and always keep a tuned up spare. I have tons of photos and will give you any and all information you need to make a good decision. Both machines have working Red Lions to program the machines with any recipes that you want up to 10 passes. I attribute a lot of my success in the business to these two Water Wizards. Jim Coleman came out with a 2.0 that I bought for a second wash I built in 2007. The 2.0's are not near the machines that the 1.0's in my opinion (and many others who have upgraded). The 2.0's were much more problematic and had many engineering flaws compared to the 1.0's. If you want to make a great a impression give these a go!
Hamilton validators and stackers: $500 I am selling the following Hamilton parts out of my Hamilton DRS change machine. I installed the Etowah Valley Mars retrofit kit after an unfortunate stringing incident, which rendered 2 of the validators inoperable. I am unsure which two don't work, but I'm sure they are repairable. I am asking $500 for the lot. If you want individual pieces, just give me a call at 970-261-4583 or email me at Here is the list of stuff: 5 Hamilton bill validators: HVX v 3.20R HVX v 3.30 HVX v 3.40 HVXE v2.02 HVXE v2.01 3 bill stackers: model #: 36-0036 2 wiring harnesses that came out of Hamilton DRS rear load change machine. (one of them needs some work) 2 heating elements that came out of Hamilton DRS change machine. Great for spare parts or replacements if you can get them fixed. Call me at 970-261-4583 if you're interested. My name is Omar
HI SPEED MODEM: $750 Hey guys I've got an IP Tran DataTrac Systems modem for the the Unitec Wash Select II. It is for hi speed credit card processing. IT IS FOR MERCURY PROCESSING ONLY. I recently switched to a different processor and was told by Unitec that this modem is for MERCURY PROCESSING ONLY. The new modem from Unitec is $1495. I'll take $750 for this hi speed modem and I'll pay the paypal fees and shipping. New is $1495. Call or text Bob @ 252-432-6560 Paypal accepted, UPS shipping with tracking info provided i can text or email a pic if you like. thx and Happy Thanksgiving to all !!
MISC. EQUIPMENT: $1 - 5 bay Self Serve individual pump stations, cat 310, booms, wands, soap,wax,clear coat,tire cleaner,foam brush,spot free. new membranes needed.($8,000). - upgraded 2013 Unitec Wash Select 2 - credit card, coupons ($5,000) - 5 x 8 oval TSS monument sign. 1 yr. old ($2,000) - Power Rain In Bay- 40k washes, upgraded last yr. with spray bars ($7,000) - 2 each Mega arm gates DCSmegaarm12kit 1 yr.old ($2,000) - Stainless Steele Canopy (4) bay with all SS hardware to accommodate Don't paint again!!! ($5,000) - (6) SS Industrial vacs, vault ready. needs graphics.($500) - (2) JE Adams vacs. coin box / need graphics.($600) - (8) trash can lids SS ($75) - (1) Mars MC 5000 coin mech.(2)TRC-6510-MBD 34vdc Pt.#34620556684 (3) Coin Co 9302 Gx Coin Pro 3 - 34vdc. Acquired not tested - Hi psi prep station cat - 7.5 hp ($1,500) I can send pictures / Figure shipping / or you may come see all working. I'm 20 min. South of Charlotte, NC. Shoot me a line if interested. Thanks Kelly -
WashCard Controllers and Readers: $300 Up for sale is a WashCard Systems WashCard controllers and card readers. These units were installed in two separate carwashes that have recently upgraded. The units provide the operator a way to expand their business by providing a more convenient way for customers to purchases washes, vacuum time, or other related services. Programmable cards are slid through electronic card readers to activate various washing options. The readers communicate with the WashCard Controller which controls the carwash equipment and logs each transaction. The transactions are stored in the Controller's memory to record daily activity and compiles summary reports used for customer billing. This system can program the plastic, reusable cards in a variety of ways to accommodate many types of customers, from fleet accounts, a group of unlimited use cards that are billed monthly, to individual cards, a prepaid card given a specific dollar amount. The card is the same size as a credit card. It uses a DOS program called ProComm Plus to program the cards through any computer with a serial connection and capability to run DOS. We will include cards (approx. 75-100) with the purchase, and a floppy with ProComm on it. The Controllers interface easily with most manufacturer's self service and rollover automatic, control panels with just two wires. They can even be used with vacuums and other coin operated machines. One Controller can control two separate bays independently, and up to sixteen Controllers can be networked together to control a total of 32 separate pieces of equipment. I have also heard of these being used in laundry mats. The Controllers are in good condition, and there were no known problems outside of a few LED's that have broken during handling over the years. There actually is a total of FIVE controllers. We currently have eight card readers. There is a possibility of more card readers. The card readers, rough as they look, were working when pulled from service. New decals for the front of the readers would make them look like new. I will include an Installer/Users Guide with the units. PLEASE ask questions BEFORE purchasing. We will NOT accept returns. Units are being purchased as is. Again, however, all pieces of equipment were working when pulled from service. PayPal only accepted as a form of payment. We will ship UPS upon funds clearing PayPal. Please be advised that we will consider REASONABLE offers on the equipment as well. Any questions, please email at
Ginsan self serve 3 bay set up : $1500 Includes tire cleaner, presoak, foamy brush, wax. 8 position in wall faces with in wall vaults. 3 cat pumps (need some work) includes booms wands brushes. Liverpool NY. Call or text 315-418-9075
MC--500 Bill changer: $500 Works great. In good condition. Liverpool NY. Call or text 315-418-9075
Airlift overhead doors polycarbonate : $2500 10 foot airlift doors. Great shape. Everything works. Liverpool NY. Call or text 315-418-9075
Ryko Softglos XS. installed 08. 80k washes: $7500 Options: triple foam, undercarriage,foam bath, wax. Everything in working order except rocker blast (needs pump) and lt rear arm damaged. Liverpool NY. Call or text 315-418-9075
Blue & White Pump Metering Pump: $300 I have a Blue & White C1500 Metering pump, Brand new in the box. $300 or Make Offers. Contact:
Regional Manager: $80000 Looking to help an operator in the Pittsburgh, PA area locate a regional manager. Relocation expenses will be paid for well qualified candidate. Looking for 5 years of car wash management (multi-unit management a plus). If you know anyone looking, please have them contact me through Talk Car Wash. I will then provide alternative contact info. Thanks for your help.
Blue & White pump metering pump: $1 I have a Blue & White C1500 Metering pump, Brand new in the box.
Econocraft Side To Side Miter: $3000 Stainless Steel Econocraft 8 basket side to side miter in very good condition. I just put a new motor on it a few months ago. It has vehicle clearance of 100". Asking $3,000 location Long Island, NY Call Paul at 631-484-5829
2 Tunnel master JR's: $3000 I have 2 used tunnel master jr's in working order. One has a brand new input board and the other a used one. paul 973-668-1338 3000 each
1970's Hanna Tunnel Carwash: $15000 I purchased a property that was up for Judicial Sale. Approximately 8 years ago the business was closed and locked. The previous owner lost the property to the county for non payment of taxes. I would like to sell the entire system as is and complete. You may contact me at 412-855-7645. I had to put a price in the ad for submission. The price is negotiable. Thanks, Garry Gates
Lube equipment: $750 Lube bay straddle lift for rotating Could be used on flat concrete as a mid lift. Transmission fluid exchange...without breaking any lines. Radiator fluid exchange...changes radiator and block fluids. All equipment been in storage for 10 yrs. For pick up only in NE Florida. $750 all three or $400 for lift, $300 trans, $150 radiator.
Dog Wash: $4750 Dog Wash For Sale comolete dog wash still working i well be closeing car wash soon .Can pick up @ any time. (Indiana) Well have it out & ready as soon as it its sold.Everything is working good. DON'T WAIT PRICE TO SELL.You may E-Mail Me @ & Leave me a Number and i will call you back as soon as i can.
Dog Wash: $4750 Dog Wash For Sale comolete dog wash still working i well be closeing car wash soon .Can pick up @ any time. (Indiana) Well have it out & ready as soon as it its sold.Everything is working good. DON'T WAIT PRICE TO SELL.You may E-Mail Me @ & Leave me a Number and i will call you back as soon as i can.
Wanted Fragrance Machine : $1 I am in need of a Fragrance machine. I live in a small town and can not justify the price of a new unit. Please call Melvin 812-689-6988 or e-mail
1975 Hanna Tunnel with The Stripper: $15000 I just bought a property oil change and tunnel carwash with a Hanna Tunnel system. This carwash was installed in the mid 70's new. I would like to sell the unit as is. This has many accessories including two Double A circuitpaks and three Cat model 340's. There is also "The Stripper" blower. Any help would be greatly appreciated and could be a very advantageous. The carwash is located in North West Pennsylvania. Thanks, Garry Price negotiable.
Belanger conveyor parts: $200 i have many links for a conveyor, wheels and the exit trap door..all brand new...
Watts Back Flow Preventer: $200 For sale is a Watts Back Flow Preventer Model # 009M2 QT 1.5" Closed the car wash and have this available. Used for 2 years. Still works great! Comes with several valves as shown in the pictures. Product info: Asking $200 for everything. Call/text Mo @ 248-514-9662
Water Meter Sensus Omni T2: $500 Water meter for sale. Brand: Sensus Omni T2 1.5" I used this water meter for 2 years and then closed the car wash. I paid over $900 for this meter. It comes WITH flanges. It has 178,000 gallons of water that ran through it. Looks great, works great. Note: It does not have the meter end. Those can be purchased anywhere. Link to the product page: Asking $500 plus shipping fees. Call/text Mo @ 248-514-9662
Dixmor DX1000 Weep Mizer: $200 For sale is a Dixmor Weep Mizer. I used it for 1 year and then shut down my car wash. It still works great. Has the thermostat wire, connector and main unit. Call Mo @ 248-514-9662 Asking $200 plus shipping fees. Brand new is $350+ from Kleen Rite.
Full Service Car Wash For Sale: $795000 Full Service Car Wash For Sale: $899000 This business offering is a great turn-key opportunity into a lucrative automobile service industry. Located in the heart of the “Grand Strand,” this Award Winning Car Wash, Mobil One Lube Center, Detail Shop, and Retail Accessory Store and Gift Shop make a recession proof venture for a spirited entrepreneur. A business minded mechanic can boost the Lube Center to a full service shop. Everything is in place, even the trademark. The preventative maintenance at this full service facility is second to none! One of the finest facilities you will ever see. Call Ken (843)421-4214
Ginsan Vacuums need some work 5 or seperate: $500 Exterior in great shape about 20 yrs old. Will need new motors and faces (set up for free push button) 315-591-4640 Doug Liverpool NY
Airlift polycarbonate overhead doors 10x14: $2500 Fully functional in good shape. Everything needed included. Call or text 315-418-9075
Looking to Buy e300 programmer : $0 Looking to buy an e300 programmer unit! We have a vector carwash. Belanger is the manufacturer! Thanks email or call 701-772-0899
Batterie pour HP ENVY dv7: $81 Batterie pour HP ENVY dv7 Circuit de protection intégré. Pas d'effet mémoire. Batterie longue durée pour ENVY dv7. s'adapte parfaitement et super autonomie. La perfection Cette Batterie pour ENVY dv7 vous fournira une autonomie largement satisfisante pour vos diverses tâches. Parfait Cette batterie fonctionne parfaitement bien sur ENVY dv7 Caractéristiques supérieures à celles de la batterie Pc Portables Asus ENVY dv7 origine. Batterie pour HP ENVY dv7 Batterie Certification 62Wh 11.1V Batterie pour ordinateur portable HP ENVY dv7 Negro Prix : 81.33 € Livraison gratuite ! Type de batterie: Li-ion Tension: 11.1V Capacité: 62Wh Couleur::Negro Poids: 164g Dimensions: 205.01 x 60.00 x 25.04 mm
Silencer package needed : $1000 Need silencer package for windsheer 2 protovest dryer
Turbo wash Unit: $6000 MAKE AN OFFER Turbo Wash setup for sale. 3535 Cat Pump station, 3 Yamada solution pumps, Triple foam system, Side blasters (underbody spray bar not included), Heat and weep. Set up for dryer use (dryer not included) ACW4 with Credit card Still in use, removing in October. Located in N.C. Contact 828-320-6609 or Top wash video at:
Standard MC 300 bill changer: $500 Only 3 years old. In wall. Call or text 315-418-9075
Thrust pro: $2500 5 thrust pro 15hp blowers with stand alone arch. Fully functional. Call or text 315-591-4640 Liverpool NY
Softgloss XS installed 2008 80k washes: $7500 Just taken out of service after ltd rear arm was damaged. Has rocker blasts but bad pump Everything else is fully operational. Triple foam. Undercar. Wheel scrubs. Foam bath. Wax. Call or text 315-418-9075. Liverpool NY
Dryers: $9999999 Looking for dryer for my automatic please email me what you have. Prefer proto vest dryer but am open email me at thanks
CONTROLLER COMPUWASH COMMANDER 32 Function : $3000 Selling my just removed compuwash commander series 32 function controller. Complete system including new boards, input pos station, monitor and printer. paul 9736681338 morristown nj 07960
Hamilton: $750 Hamilton token machine call Tony 405-853-0440
wanted: $10000 looking for good used blower system for medium capacity exterior car wash
Laser 400 : $1000 Control cabinet for a laser 4000 call Tony 405-853-0440
Vacuums: $1 Multiple combo vac s fragramatic and ivs. Tony 405-853-0440
Mark7: $25000 Aqua jet 700. 6000wash count. Cal tony 405-853-0four four0
LED BAY LIGHTS (Saving$): $325 We have 120 Watt and 180 watt LED Bay lights that could save you a lot of money on electricity cost. I am currently saving over $150 per month at one of my locations. I switched from 400 watt Metal Halide's in my bays to 120 watt led's, The price for these LED is very affordable and with the savings you will have you will pay for the lights in no time.
D & S 5000 Automatic: $12000 D & S 5000 Touch-Free Automatic-Operational until 2010. Winterized in storage since then. Bridge, rails, hydraulic pump and high/low pressure pump stand with Cat 3535 pump included. Production date of 2000 on control cabinet.
Looking for Unimac 202: $2000 Express Car Wash and Detail Garage in Clearwater FL is looking for a working UniMac 202. Call Phil @ 727-726-9274
Unitec POS 4000 : $1950 Unitec POS 4000, Was sent to Unitec and upgraded with the latest software version as of Sept 01, 2014. Printer extra.
LOOK!: Complete Pet Spaw Wash Unit: $6500 Pet Spaw Wash unit, in use for a year, like new. Complete unit includes Coinco bill acceptor, Crypto pay card swiper, hair blow dryer, 10 position switch for multiple soap selections and electrical control box. All you have to do is bring in 120v to the control box. Call or txt Harlan @ 320-492-8554