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Double Flow Power Pak: $1750 Hydraulic Power Unit 7.5 H.P. 3 phase 1800 RPM energy effect electric motor, 10.5 GPM vane pump Double flow with Relief, in-tank Synthetic filter and gauge. 30 Gal. tank Pickled and primed inside and primed and double automotive painted outside. Vertical mount for less floor space. Super Quite model If you order by the end of the year we will pay the freight as a Christmas present.
Rhino-Mat : $1 Used Rhino-Mat all in one auto mat wash and dry system. Asking price is BEST OFFER Call for specific details and pricing. 843-849-2774 ask for Steve Gilo.
monson 9120 ( refurbishd): $45000 Oasis Monson 9120 will be refurbished, includes main bridge, pump stand, floor rails, stop station, hose and cables. Installation is available. Call for more info 918-542-4710
Munchkin 400,000 btu boiler and tank: $7500 Munchkin 400,000 btu boiler and 100 gallon water storage tank with recirculator. New board and igniter just installed in the boiler. We only used this boiler for 1 season to heat the water for the automatic at this location. It is still hooked up and you can see it work in King William Va. Email me if your interested and I will send you all of the pictures and videos you want. Thanks
Vector: $7500 In Service. Packing and shipping available
Tandem: $25000 PDQ Access available for add. $6500
AVW Wraps and Double Mitter Combo: $6500 AVW Double Mitter and Wrap Set. Does not include Rockers or pumps. In good shape. No welds. Currently being used in wash. Will be pulled out for equipment remodel next week.
Wanted POS System: $1 Want a good used POS system preferably with the controller that is not that old. We are a wash in Ohio. Please let me know the system you have, age and price at or by phone at 330-495-0455. Also, if you have some pics that would be great to include. My name is Matt Karam. We currently run carwatch with a cartrol controller. Thanks, //mjk
Car Wash supplier/ vendor: $13 Product is manufactured by REIN, co. Car Wash Supplier or vendor: All products are sold as supplies for car wash in 1 liter bottles or a bundle can be sold for small individual bottles to sell to your clients. RPV: $8 Car Wax: $13 Window cleaner: $3 Waterless wash: $6 Interior cleaner: $8 Leather care: $10 Products in Littler bottles: RPV: $28 Car Wax: $35 Window cleaner:$15 Waterless wash: $45 Interior cleaner: $23 Leather care: $38 If your manufacturer or supplier has a better price we can try to match contact us for any questions at (424)277-1449 or Feel free to contact us at or (424)277- 1449
AUTEC Automated Vehicle Polisher: $16000 Like new AUTEC AES-100 automated vehicle polisher. Use count less than 4,000. Comes with everything that originally shipped. Manufactured 2008. 208V 3-phase and air. Min bay size of 36' x 16'. Shipping and installation available for additional cost. May be willing to barter.
Oasis Typhoon 8530: $4000 Used Oasis Typhoon Car wash, Touchless. Was 100% operational about 5 years ago, Wash Select II for wash was broken into, and robbed carwash has not run since. Has 2 pump stations with a 25hp motor and pump on each station. All in good shape. In bay equipment Is in need of service to be 100% operational again. due to dis-service. Equipment is located in Myrtle Beach SC. Contact Eric at 603-502-4986 or Lou at 843-321-5156 For any questions about equipment and more questions
Installation;s And Consulting : $1 National and international service and Installation, Consulting.
Add more revenue - Self Serve Dog Wash: $11000 For Sale: (2) K9000 Self Serve wash and dry bathing tubs. Selling concept (Speedy Dog Wash) as a whole or it's equipment. All you need is about a small room area with simple hookup and your ready to go. It can even be setup outside (e.g. great for exsisting car wash business (very common)). Want to hit the ground running? All marketing, url ( Facebook page (with over 1000 followers) and existing signs are available plus a whole lot more. All professionally designed and executed. All files available digitally and ready for reproduction. Call for details 732-208-4378 Also listed on Craigslist (more photos)
Regional Market Manager: $55000 ZIPS Car Wash is seeking an EXPERIENCED Regional Market Manager to over-see our locations in Wichita, KS. ZIPS Car Wash is a leader in the express car wash business with operations in six states. Our Team Members are self-motivated, responsible, polite, energetic professionals who love helping our customers. Regional Market Manager duties may consist of the following: Oversee multiple locations Provide leadership for location Managers and Team Members Evaluate and anticipate market needs Understand Mechanical/Equipment needs Demonstrate efficiency Here are some of the benefits of working at ZIPS Car Wash: Company Vehicle Competitive Wages (position includes bonus) Paid Training Uniforms Career Advancement Opportunities ZIPS Car Wash is an equal opportunity employer and always maintains a drug-free workplace. Please submit resume to Job Type: Full-time Local candidates only: Wichita, KS Required experience: management: 2 years Required education: High school or equivalent
Neon Tunnel Lights: $125 2 Used Neon lights, 120V; used in the tunnel. Both in working order. $125.00 takes both, plus shipping. Local pickup available as well. I believe they are TSS but say JcChemtech at the top. I need them GONE!
NEED KEYPAD FOR DRB TM BOX: $1 I am looking for a operational keypad for a DRB transaction manager box. It does not have to look brand new just functional and clean. If you have one for sell please email
Safe Heads: $1 I have several safe heads for sale. Some with key looks and other with combination locks. Send your size requirements
DIGITAL LED SIGN CHANGE YOUR STAGNANT SIGN: $20000 Catch the attention of your customers! Change out your old sign with a brilliant led digital sign. Advertise ALL your specials (ladies day, wax specials, senior specials). Financing available. Made in the USA. All latest power supplies, monitors, software. CONTACT: 310-570-3333
EXCELLENT CONDITION SELF VACUUM SYSTEM: $49500 Excellent condition. Like new self vacuum system 14 bays new tarp/cloth powder coated all steel trusses can powder coat to match desired color Made in USA installation available 2 vacuum producers CONTACT: 310-570-3333
EXCELLENT CONDITION SELF VACUUM SYSTEM : $49500 Excellent condition. Like new self vacuum system 14 bays new tarp/cloth powder coated all steel trusses can powder coat to match desired color Made in USA installation available 2 vacuum producers CONTACT: 310-570-3333
ARIMITSU HIGH PRESSURE PUMP: $1 ARIMITSU HIGH PRESSURE PUMP - Model 508 Have a rebuilt Arimitsu High Pressure Pump, Model 508 - 10GPM - 1000psi. Was used on a car wash entrance-end prep setup. In perfect working condition Best Offer Takes Bud - / 503 816 7304
Laser 20000mW Azul : $367 Alta calidad Puntero láser 20000mW,compacto, fácil de llevar, quema encendedor, fósforos, globos, velas y mucho más. Puntero láser Azul 20000mW es lo suficientemente fuerte potente , incluso en el día, se puede ver el rayo láser azul brillante. Punto láser manual enfocado un poderoso rayo azul y el puntero láser, se puede ver. Por ejemplo: plásticos, hojas, etc.. Potencia de salida: 20000 mW (20W) Longitud de onda: 445-450nm Alcance: Hasta 15000 metros en la noche Modo de foco: Focusable Clase del laser: Clase 4 Tamaño del punto del laser: < ; 18 mm de 10 metros Tratamiento superficial: Oxidación de la superficie Voltaje de funcionamiento: DC 3.7V A partir del voltaje: C.C. 2.5V Temperatura de funcionamiento: 0 ° c -35 ° c Temperatura de almacenamiento: - 10 ° c - 40 ° c Función especial: Impermeable, a prueba de polvo, resistente al calor
PROFESSIONAL AUTO PAINT MIXING SYSTEM: $1 PROFESSIONAL AUTOMOBILE PAINT MIXING SYSTEM A professional Sikkens/Lesonal paint mixing system for mixing over 55,000 base-coat/clear coat automobile paint colors. Comes complete with almost all toners, reducers, clears, hardeners and chip books. Perfect for a detail operation wanting to do paint touchup or micro-paint repairs, for example, severe rock chips, scratches, and bumper scuffs. New cost several thousand dollars, best offer takes. Pictures available. Interested: Contact Bud 503 816 7304
CAT & PUMP-TEC PUMPS: $1 CAT & PUMP-TEC PRESSURE PUMPS w/ ELECTRIC MOTORS 2 - PUMP-TEC Series 205V Pressure Pumps with Fasco Electric Motors Model Number 205V ASNM-xxxX46BL 1 - CAT Pressure Pump w/ Emerson Electric Motor Model Number - 1LX 100 All brand new and perfect for a moderate pressure system (800psi) Best Offer Takes -
FLO-JET PUMPS: $1 FLO JET PUMPS Have two brand new Flo Jet Electric Pumps: Model Number: D8635E7011 Model Number: DB732H5011ARL Make offer: Bud
DETAIL WORK STATIONS: $1 DETAIL PLUS Detailing Work Stations Have 3 CHEMSPENSE Stainless Steel Detail Work Stations including Automatic Chemical Dilution and Dispensing System. Each station includes: 6 Chemical Dispensing Internal Wet/Dry Vacuum Internal Heated Soil Extractor 2 - Air Lines Almost brand new Used a few months and converted detail bays to a quick lube. Perfect for either full service or express detailing services. Make offer -Bud 503 816 7304
The 1000mW green Laser is a truly: $215 The 1000mW green Laser is a truly unique High Powered Laser Pointer .No matter where it points, this green starry pattern can stand out from others. laser producing an incredibly powerful beam of burning laser light at a frequency of 532nm green. lowers price of Laser Pointer pen for laser pointer pen lovers and geeks worldwide with swift shipping and the best service Store of Green Star Laser Pointer 10mW (532nm). Buy Green Laser Pointers with the Best Price, Quality and Service. 2.This high power 10mW laser pointer emits a consistently strong green laser beam that is powerful enough to reach across any indoor or outdoor location Lasers Engraving Machine Precautions This machine is suitable to seal engraving, advertisement, art gift, garment, leather, toy, building upholster, computerized embroidery, packing and printing, paper product, garments sampling, large width tailoring, shoemaking, furniture, industry, craftwork, nameplates decorations, woodcut and other industries.
Need Coin Changer: $500 Looking for a used bill changer to convert to a token pay station. Any brand would do. Thanks -rp
Need vacuums 6 singles 3 duels: $1 Need ASAP 6 single vacs or 3 duels, must all be in working order. prefer ovals but round would do. Kevin
Car Wash Manager: $50000 We are looking for an experience manager for a car wash in Plano. The candidate should be open mind, optimistic, high energy, enthusiastic. The salary will be 40K-50K plus bonus based on the qualification. If you are the candidate, please contact
MONORAIL VAC DOME: $50 MONORAIL 30031 PLASTIC DOME FOR TRADEWIND 1985, 1 of 3 mounting point broken, $50.00; also have 30038 trash door w/hinge, painted, $20.00, will box & ship anywhere, Stan @ or 315-682-6778
SHERMAN MITTER PARTS: $200 SHERMAN 1556-52057-02 48" CRADLE WELDMENT FOR 1556 MITTER, REPAIRED (WELDED), COST $428.47 IN 1993, NOW $200.00 will crate & ship - Stan @ elmwoodss@centralny or 315-682-6778
AVW Tire Brush: $2000 Model-TB2-1655 This piece of equipment was used for approximately 5 years originally $12,900. Selling as is. Buyer must pick up in Wilkes-Barre PA. Call or text Jerry @ 570-417-1278.
minimum 6 vacs/ 20hp central: $500 looking for both 6 + standard vacs and 15-25hp central vac
Height bar for sale: $100 I have a single arm mount height bar with second hang able height bar for sale. 100 takes it..7175796215
Car Wash Manager: $45000 Looking For A Manager to run our Myrtle Beach Location... High Volume Car Wash with a full staff just needs a Manager to work along side of the crew and know how to do routine maintenance and keep up the well being of our Car Wash...If interested please contact me Derrick Detrick at (
Stripper Model 90T: $1 Looking for a spare unit specifically the impellor , please contact me at
macneil superflex wraps with neoglide: $6500 Just removed a great set of Macneil Wrap around brushes from and existing running car wash. Brushes are fully functional and need nothing to reinstall. Brushes are hydraulic not electric for better efficiency and less maintenance. Paul 973-668-1338
laser lampe de poche: $85 , Un lampe torche Laser au meilleur prix et lampe torche à LED pour éclairer tout ce que vous souhaitez. Ce pointeur laser trois en un au corps en aluminium résistant aux intempéries, avec un laser vert 200mW ultra puissant, pour l'exploration en plein air. Avec deux options plus la tête rotative, ce lampe de poche laser vert vous offre trois fonctionnalités en un seul appareil : -Eclairage LED blanc pour l'éclairage nocturne -Laser vert (200mW de puissance) pour mettre en évidence des images lumineuses de loin ou de petits objets -Projections laser à motifs avec une vis en acier inoxydable à ajouter sur la tête du pointeur laser
Halo 360* Prep Gun Boom: $500 Two Halo 360* rotating booms. This design allows you to run both booms side by side, rotating freely without making contact or binding. These booms are both used and one has failed at a weld point as well as the spring. It could be used for parts or rebuilt to run again. The other boom is in good working order and can be used by itself or along side the other. Attatched are detailed pictures of both booms showing damage and an image showing the new booms insttalled. Beam pictured is not included........ If you would like to pick up, you may try out our new replacements that have been installed before purchase. This is one of the coolest sytems available. $500 Local pick up. Willing to ship for additional S&H fee. S&H based on buyers location.
Hydraulic Power Packs Baldor Motors: $1000 I have two used Sonny's hydraulic power packs for sale. 10 years of use on both packs. All service was performed on shedule and both packs are ready to run with new fluid. * One was installed in the tunnel and has seen better days. Great for parts or rebuild....... Free to local pick up!! * The other was inside and is in very good shape. It has a 10 HP Baldor motor and an Eaton pump........... $750 Local pick up. Will ship for additional S&H fee. S&H based on buyers location. 1K takes it all!!!!!!! * One spare Baldor motor for the power pack that was inside was used for about a year and is in perfect condition....... $500 Local pick up. Will ship for additional S&H fee. S&H based on buyers location.
lots of parts: $999999 We have (2) hydro spray complete automatic units includes classic towers no rails, one of the auto units has cat 3535 pump and the other has cat 6040 cat pump (4) cat 623 pumps, numerous other parts, all of this was taken out of a working car wash just closed Aug 2,2015 located in IL Call 309-221-8988 for more info. make offer
Pdq access s series parts: $1 I have a complete intrysic controller, that includes screen, keypad, com board, inverter, works 100%. Also have a card reader, printer, and I/O board. I'll throw in the door cover too. 7175799829
Laser Pointer3000mw: $156 It is currently on the market, the latest, most mini focusing Green Laser Pointers. This 3000mW 532nm Flashlight Style Green laser pen is easy to operate and control.This high power green laser flashlight design, because the light is too bright, not suitable for indoor use, outdoor use. Widely used it to point at the faraway target or stars and sending out the SOS signal anywhere anytime.
Stand alone Dryer: $2000 Just recently removed complete working order. Run good just time to go new. They are polydry stand alone 380 30 h.p. 3 phase. They are a 1999 year. Please call or text (989) 975-1992 for more info. Thanks
Needed - 5 bay Self Serve Equipment: $1 I'm looking to replace all the equipment at a 5 bay self serve facility and I want to see what is available. From pump stands, weeps system, wands, brushs, vacuums, ro system, spot free rinse, etc... No specific brand in mind at this time. Contact me at
pointeur laser bleu 1200mw: $119 ,Pointeur Laser 1200MW diverses effectivement visible de nuit vous permet de profiter laser continu apporte un cadre romantique pour votre vie de souvenirs. Donc pointeur laser magique, que vous méritez! En outre, le laser vert est très courante aujourd'hui. Ceci est très utile pour les enseignants dans la salle de classe ou de réunion, dans le même gain de temps, léger, tient dans votre poche ou sac à main, lampe de poche LED verte ultra également montré les étoiles dans le ciel, dans le ciel révèle la vraie star est un merveilleux cadeau!
Sonnys Wrap Around: $8000 Sonnys double jog wrap around was in service for less than a year. Location was sold