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Battery for Fujitsu FPCBP282: $78

Manufacturer: A-OK Equipment Co.
Equipment: Air Compressors
Details: Delegates need not. The Black Hat NoC will again be housed in The Fish Bowl, a glass den housing the crew and mascots Lyle the stuffed ape and Helga the inflatable sheep. Delegates are welcome to gawk.The Black Hat NoC operators need to check their defensive reflexes at the door in part to allow a user base consisting almost entirely of hackers to pull pranks and spar, and in part to allow presenters to legitimately demonstrate the black arts of malware."When you see traffic like that, you immediately go into mitigation mode to respond to that threat," Wyler says. "Black Hat is a very interesting network because you can't do that – we have to ask if we are about to ruin some guy's demonstration on stage in front of 4,000 people."Stump recalls intruding on a training session to claim the scalp of a Black Hat black hat slinging around the infamous Zeus banking trojan on the network: "The presenter says 'it's all good, we are just sending it up to AWS for our labs' and we had a laugh; I couldn't take the normal security approach and simply block crazy shit like this."Flipping malware will get you noticed and monitored by one of the Black Hat NoC's eager operators who will watch to see if things escalate beyond what's expected of a normal demonstration.If legitimate attacks are seeping out of a training room, the sight of Wyler, Stump, or any other NoC cop wordlessly entering with a walkie-talkie clipped to hip and a laptop under arm is enough for the Black Hat activity to cease. "It is part of the fun for us," Wyler says. "Being able to track attacks to a location and have a chat." Targeting the Black Hat network itself will immediately anger the NoC, however.The team has found all manner of malware pinging command and control servers over its network, some intentional, and some from unwittingly infected delegates. "We'll burst in and say anyone who's MAC address ends with this, clean up your machine," Stump says.Training is by far the most expensive part of a hacker conference. Of the 71 training sessions running over the weekend past ahead of the Black Hat main conference, each cost between US$2500 (£1887, A$3287) and US$5300 (£4000, A$6966) with many students having the charge covered by generous bosses.So it was to this writer's initial incredulity that most of the sea of "weird porn" flowing through the Black Hat pipes stems from randy training students. "It is more than it should ever be," Wyler says of the Vegas con's porn obsession. "While you are at a training class – I mean it's not even during lunch."The titillating tidbit was noticed when one Black Hat NoC cop hacked together a script to pull and project random images from the network traffic on Fish Bowl monitors. A barrage of flesh sent the shocked operators into laughing fits of alt-tab. Another moment was captured when Stump was filmed for on CNN Money and a shopper's blowup doll appeared with perfect timing. Battery for Fujitsu LifeBook A532 Battery for Fujitsu LifeBook A512 Battery for Fujitsu FPCBP331 Battery for Fujitsu FPCBP175 Battery for Fujitsu FPCBP145


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